Top 5 Maternity Must-Haves

These are not your mother’s maternity clothes. The maternity industry has changed completely over the past few decades, enabling style-seeking pregnant women to continue their love affairs with fashion. While it’s easy to go overboard when buying maternity clothes, it’s also savvy to practice restraint. Why? Because when you’re bouncing bundle of joy arrives, you’ll want funds for stocking up on all those adorable baby clothes. So what’s a fashion-forward mama-to-be to do? Create the perfect pregnancy wardrobe with these top five maternity clothing must-haves.

1. Layering Tanks

While your bump is a thing of great beauty, there are times when you’ll want to keep it covered up. Maternity tanks with a touch of stretch are perfect for layering under tees and sweaters while hugging your killer curves.

Seek out styles in a variety of bold, bright hues as layering tanks are also the perfect way to add a pop of color to any ensemble.  Our Signature Racerback Tank comes in a ton of fun, bright colors.  They’re garment dyed which gives them a richness and depth of color that you won’t find anywhere else and they’re as soft as your favorite t-shirt.

2. Slip-On Flats

At some point, your growing belly will interfere with your ability to lace up and buckle on your pre-pregnancy footwear. Not to mention that because your center of balance changes during pregnancy, stilettos and sky-high high heels can be hazardous. Ballet flats and mules offer the perfect stylish solution.


If you’re ordering online, don’t forget that your feet may grow with pregnancy so be sure to get fitted before clicking “buy” in order to ensure you get the right size.

3. Maternity Yoga Pants

You can’t live without them when you’re not pregnant, so why would you live without them now? Available in a variety of styles and lengths, yoga pants don’t just come in handy at the gym, but are also stylish enough for everyday wear. Look for features like stretch, 3-way belly panels, and moisture-wicking fabric.

This one should be on the list twice, as multiple pairs of yoga maternity pants may well be in order. You’d be even happier to have them in the days after your baby arrives.

4. The Wrap Dress

Immortalized by the legendary Diane von Furstenberg, the iconic dress is perfect for accentuating your figure and works for nearly any occasion — from the office to Sunday brunch to special occasions. And because they have adjustable ties, wrap dresses can grow with you throughout your pregnancy.

Choose a soft jersey style for extra comfort and — even better! — no ironing.

5. Maternity Boot-Cut Jeans

If you go with only one style of jeans during your pregnancy, make it a bootleg pair in a flattering, on-trend dark wash. While styles that go under the belly may work best in the early months of your pregnancy, many women find over-the-belly panel styles to be most comfortable during the final pregnancy. Or look for practical convertible styles designed to grow with you throughout your pregnancy.

These five items add up to a great starting point for the closet of an elegant expectant mom. Do you have a favorite go-to maternity clothing item? If so, please share in the Comments below. And don’t forget to check out For Two Fitness’s complete line of bump-embracing maternity activewear.

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Ambassador Spotlight: Natasha Pearson

DSC_0929We are very pleased to introduce you to Natasha Pearson, one of the latest additions to our incredible team of Fit Mom Ambassadors.  Read more to learn about her and her fitness philosophy and where to find her online.

My name is Natasha, I am a licensed Occupational Therapist and Wellness Coach and have been working with clients of all ages and fitness levels for the past 10 years.  I live with my husband and 6 month old baby in beautiful Santa Barbara, California.

My background in Kinesiology and Rehabilitation has provided me with the most rewarding career I could imagine, and I love helping others reach their health and fitness goals.  I work with clients to help them rehabilitate after injury or surgery so they can get back to doing the things that they want to do. By educating and working with my clients they are able to increase their overall health and decrease their risk of disease, injury and disability later in life.

For Two Fitness Ambassador Natasha PearsonMy personal fitness philosophy emphasizes the importance of working towards goals that are important to you so that you can experience the highest quality of life possible. Whether you achieve this by going to the gym, eating healthy, playing with your kids or doing activities with friends, movement is the key to lifelong wellness.

I have taken a special interest in women’s health and enjoy helping others exercise safely and effectively for a healthy pregnancy and postpartum recovery. Through my own experience and continuing education in core rehabilitation Natasha Pearson For Two Fitness AmbassadorI have been able to help other women rehabilitate their bodies after pregnancy. I hope to inspire others with my story and encourage them to reach their postpartum goals as well.  I am an avid blogger – you can find me at Fit Mama Santa Barbara – and now offer online coaching and mentoring to women all over the country. Find me on Instagram (@fitmamasb) and follow my blog for new and exciting information packed posts about health, prenatal and postnatal fitness, nutrition, and life as a new mom!

In fitness and good health,


Preparing for Breastfeeding – Ready, Set, Go!

Breastfeeding offers many benefits to both mother and child. While your body is already hard at work getting ready to take on the role of breastfeeding, there are some things you can do to prepare yourself, as well. Here’s what you need to know.


Education Matters

Taking time to familiarize yourself with breastfeeding before your due date is a valuable way to set yourself up for success. Books and your local La Leche League are both good resources. Additionally, many hospitals offer breastfeeding classes and support groups. And don’t forget about the wisdom of other moms; if you have friends who have breastfed, they can be a terrific source of information.

One thing you can cross off your list when preparing to breastfeed? Toughening your nipples. While this used to be a standard part of preparing to breastfeed, it’s now commonly regarded to be a myth, according to In reality, teaching your baby to latch on properly is the best way to prevent sore nipples.

Stock Up

As your pregnancy progresses your breasts will get bigger. This occurs as milk ducts and milk-producing cells develop. Whatever size your breasts are, you can still produce enough milk to feed your baby. Whether your breasts grow or not, nursing bras offer comfortable support with flaps which can be easily undone when it’s time to feed your baby. Wait until your milk comes in to stock up, though, as your breasts may continue to grow after delivery.

In addition to nursing bras, a number of other supplies can help your feel comfortable while nursing. Many new moms swear by nursing pillows which offer neck and shoulder support during feeding sessions. These can also help keep your baby in optimal position.

Breast pumps can to be indispensable tools. Pumping and freezing milk can allow your partner to feed the baby and/or relieve you during late-night feeding sessions. But even if you don’t plan on bottle feeding, a breast pump can help relieve engorgement.

Communication Counts

While breastfeeding is natural, it’s not always easy. Take time to discuss breastfeeding in advance with your partner. Learn each others’ goals and discuss how you can support each other in achieving them. For some women, this means limiting visitors in the immediate days following their baby’s birth so they can acclimate with breastfeeding free of interruptions and distractions.

Your choice of pediatrician also plays a role in breastfeeding success. Some pediatricians are more knowledgeable and supportive about breastfeeding than others. Establish your intent to breastfeed while interviewing pediatricians to find the best partner.

Informing your birth team about your plans to breastfeed and establishing a pro-breastfeeding hospital plan are also important. Request the services of a certified lactation consultant who can help you with positioning and latch. Room in with your baby so you can nurse on demand, and don’t forget the value of skin-on-skin contact.


You’ve probably been cautioned to “sleep when your baby is sleeping.” As well-rested mamas are more likely to experience breastfeeding success, take this advice to heart.

Breastfeeding and Exercise

Many women worry that exercising during pregnancy will interfere with their milk supply. Fitness-minded mamas need not worry; as long as you make sure to stay hydrated and ingest enough calories, you can return to your normal fitness routine.

Because your breast size may have changed, you’ll need comfortable, well-fitting maternity activewear. Look for bras designed not just to see you through pregnancy, but also to offer support in the post-delivery days.

Breastfeeding is a great way to get your baby off to a healthy start! If you have any breastfeeding tips of your own to share, please comment below. And be sure to visit For Two Fitness to browse our collection of chic, comfortable workout tops.

Tips from a Fit Mom: Amber Reece-Young

 We are extremely pleased to introduce you to one of the newest members of our Fit Mom Ambassadors, Amber Reece-Young.  Amber is a champion trial runner, school nurse and expecting mom.  All in a day’s work!  Keep reading to learn more about Amber and for her tips on staying fit through your pregnancy.

Fit Mom Amber Reece-Young finishes strong!

Photo by: Go Run Trails Amber finishes the Lake James trail 5k 1st place overall (men & women) at 28 weeks pregnant.

I’m Amber Reece-Young and I’m thrilled to be a For Two Fitness Ambassador.  As of April 22, 2015, I am 37 weeks pregnant and excited to have my first child. I’m a school health nurse and an elite trail runner.  I’ve always been active and a promoter of healthy lifestyles.  I have been blessed to represent the USA five times for trail and mountain running and enjoy the running lifestyle.  I have been lucky to have a low risk pregnancy and have been able to continue to train and race throughout the pregnancy.

I hope to inspire other pregnant women to continue their sport and activity (under the care and approval of their doctor, of course).  I had to convince my own family and friends that to continue my active, running lifestyle was the best thing for me and baby Willow. There’s so many misconceptions and fears related to remaining active and it took some convincing.  My family and friends have came to understand that remaining active has in fact been the best thing for me and Willow.

The main tips that I offer to other pregnant women runners is:

  • Fit Mom Amber Reece-Young running the trails at 30-weeks pregnant.

    Photo by: Chris Reece-Young. Amber running on her favorite trails at 30 weeks pregnant.

    Get clearance from your doctor

  • Stay cool and do not overheat
  • Listen to your body. Never run through pain, cramps or dizziness.
  • Stay well hydrated
  • Wear a maternity belly support during runs
  • If you can’t breathe, baby can’t breathe so keep it at a pace that you are able to talk
  • Take extra safety precautions (carry fluids, extra gel & cell phone just in case)

5 Celebrity Babies We Can’t Wait to Meet

The photo is everywhere: a proud, dewy-faced Jessica Biel showing off adorable new baby Silas Randall Timberlake. The world has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Justin Jr., and Baby Timberlake did not disappoint! Silas is only the first in a line of babies making an appearance over the coming months. Let’s countdown five of our favorite celebrity mamas-to-be.


Celebrity babies

Justin and Jessica are parents!


1.Kate Middleton

By the time this blog hits the internet, there may already be a new prince or princess in town! His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge — AKA George — is getting a new sibling any day now, and the world is watching and wondering whether team pink or team blue will come out ahead.

According to Hello Magazine, the famously fit princess’s commitment to fitness doesn’t slow down in pregnancy, and includes everything from pre-natal yoga to walking the royal dog, Lupo.

2. Zooey Deschanel

Forget about the New Girl….it’s all about the New Baby! The phrase “adorkable,” was coined in Zooey Deschanel’s honor, so it’s only reasonable to expect that her baby with producer Jacob Pechenik will be equally squee-worthy.

Deschanel is not immune to typical pregnancy woes: the star recently revealed that she’s missing sushi, soft cheese, wine and coffee. So is Deschanel having a new girl or new boy later this summer? She told Jimmy Kimmel, “We are gonna be surprised. It’s more fun. Make it into a game!”

The best part? Deschanel’s sister Bones star Emily Deschanel is also pregnant and we all know what that means … .cousins!

3. Keira Knightley

This classic British beauty and blockbuster film star is showing off a beautiful baby belly these days. And while celebrities are notoriously quiet about their due dates to keep away the paparazzi at baby time, most onlookers suggest the arrival of the newest honorary “Pirate of the Caribbean” is a matter of days.

And that begs the real question: will Johnny Depp be godfather?

4. Jennifer Love Hewitt

The Criminal Minds star will soon have a Party of Four of her own. She and her husband Brian Hallisay are adding a new baby to the family later this year to join 16-month-old sister Autumn. While Hewitt is remaining in the dark about the baby’s gender, we’d just like to point out that “Bailey,” works equally well for boys and girls.

Like Biel — who stayed fit throughout her pregnancy by walking, hiking, stretching and yoga well into her third trimester, Hewitt is committed to enjoying a healthy pregnancy. The actress recently told American Baby that she loves being pregnant, and also offered an important reminder, “Because so many of us are busy or driven, we forget to take care of ourselves. But when you’re pregnant, it’s all about you — and that baby inside of you.” Eating well, sleeping, and exercising are all part of this very important equation.

Hewitt’s hubby is also on board. The star recently Tweeted a selfie of herself showing off some new bling. The caption? “#ProudMomClub@PushGift.”

5. Naya Rivera

She can dance. She can sing. And she can deliver some serious snark. What’s next on the list for the former Glee star? Being a mom! She and her husband Ryan Dorsey added their names to the list of celebrity parents-to-be when she revealed the news on her website at the end of February. “We’re having a baby! Ryan and I feel so blessed and can’t wait to welcome the newest member of our family.”


Celebrity babies

The television triple-threat is now working out for two!


Stay tuned to the ForTwoFitness blog for more up-to-date information on all things pregnancy, baby and motherhood. And don’t forget to check out our line of bump-celebrating joyful maternity activewear!

4 Things to Keep in Mind During Your Maternity Workout

Most pregnant women are well aware of the innumerable benefits of keeping fit throughout pregnancy. A consistent maternity workout routine can help to keep both you and your baby happy and healthy. Nonetheless, there are certain precautions that are important to consider prior to starting a workout regiment, as well as things to be mindful of throughout your workout routine.

Maternity workout

Always Consult Your Physician

Be sure to talk with your doctor before beginning any new workout routine. Discuss any medical concerns you may have such as abnormal blood pressure, vaginal bleeding, or early contractions. Should any of these warning signs arise throughout your workouts, stop and call your physician immediately. Work with your doctor to figure out an appropriate workout plan specific to your needs. Keep in mind that your workout routine will likely change as you get further along in your pregnancy, and you need to be ready to adapt to less intense workouts as your pregnancy progresses.

Stay Hydrated and Nourished

You’re now eating for two, and it’s important to keep this in mind while exercising. Workouts can burn a lot of calories quickly, meaning you’ll need extra micronutrients and macronutrients to replenish those that are lost through exercise. Opt for nutritious, filling, and protein-dense food sources, as well as ample fruits and vegetables. Additionally, hydration is key to any workout and can help you to feel better and more energetic. Signs of dehydration include dizziness, fatigue, and irritability. Electrolytes will help to facilitate hydration more effectively, as they enable the body to retain more water. Consuming coconut water, sports drinks, or a nutritious banana can help to replenish electrolytes.

Maternity workout

Image courtesy of tiverylucky/

Don’t Overdo It

In the early stages of pregnancy, you may feel more confident doing harder workout routines. However, by your second trimester, it’s important to decrease the intensity of exercise. Avoid pushing yourself too hard, and always discontinue the workout as soon as you feel you’ve had enough. If you begin to feel lightheaded, short of breath, unusually tired, or have pain in your pelvis or back, your body is telling you to take a break.

Exercises you should avoid

Some exercises simply aren’t safe for pregnant women, particularly those in their second or third trimester.

• Avoid exercises that require you to lie flat on your back.
• Avoid exercises that are high risk and could result in serious injury, such as biking, roller blading, or downhill skiing.
• Avoid exercises that include bouncing or sudden movements, as this could create unforeseen trauma for your unborn baby.

Basically, utilize common sense when choosing a workout routine. Exercises that contain known risks should be put on hold until the baby has been safely delivered.

Your maternity workout routine is a critical part of keeping both you and your unborn baby happy. However, it is equally critical to understand your limitations before embarking on any exercise regiment. Never hesitate to end a workout early if it’s beginning to feel like too much, and reach out to your doctor whenever you have any questions or concerns. For frequent updates on the latest workout advice and other maternity news, subscribe to our newsletter.

Meet Jacinta Aalsma, a new For Two Fitness Ambassador

Jacinta Aalsma yoga poseWe are always pleased to introduce you to another inspirational Ambassador.  This week, we bring you Jacinta Aalsma all the way from New Zealand.  Keep reading to find out more about this spectacular fit mom-to-be!

Jacinta is a passionate yoga teacher, yogini, writer, health promoter and nature lover, who lives in the beautiful New Zealand. Originally from the Netherlands, Jacinta moved from The Netherlands to New Zealand to join her kiwi partner and she hasn’t looked back. They are expecting their first child in August and they can’t be more exciting about becoming parents! She is super thrilled to be a For Two Fitness Ambassador and share her pregnancy and fitness for two journey with others.

Jacinta Aalsma handstand yoga poseJacinta has always been very active and drawn to the outdoors. She loves to explore the beautiful hikes and walks New Zealand is rich and has a daily yoga and meditation practice. She has been brought up with the practice of yoga through her mum, a yoga teacher herself and therefore has been practicing yoga since her early teenage years. She loves teaching yoga and meditation classes and inspire people to take care of their health and wellbeing. Her wellbeing philosophy is all about balance and finding an enjoyable way to be active.

Jacinta also loves to write about her yoga, meditation and health experiences on her website: and share inspiration on Instagram @jacintaaalsma and Facebook @YogaLoveNZ. She enjoys connecting with other like-minded people and be informed and inspired by many wise & inspirational souls around the world.

jacinta aalsma yoga seated goddess poseJacinta is also a certified Journey Practitioner (a powerful healing method) and feels honoured to share this beautiful work with others. Their first baby is due the 4th of August 2015 and Jacinta is planning to continue her yoga practice and hiking till the end, of course the baby’s and mum’s health comes first. At the moment she is preparing herself for a home-water birth through the technique of hypnobirthing.

Tips & Ideas for Decorating a Nursery for Two

Twice the hugs. Twice the kisses. Twice all of the amazing firsts. Being a mama-to-be of multiples is twice the fun, but it also takes twice the planning — particularly when it comes to decorating a nursery for twins. Don’t run out and buy two of everything just yet! Instead, read these tips and tricks for designing a fun and functional nursery which accommodates your two precious new family members without maxing out your space or budget.

Decorating a nursery

Storage Matters

Making room for two babies — and all of their stuff — can be overwhelming, but the gear, toys and clothing don’t have to take over your home. Choosing the right furniture and incorporating ample storage goes a long way to controlling clutter and optimizing square footage.

Begin by looking for multi-purpose furniture. Today’s innovative designs include cribs that transition to beds and dressers which double as changing tables. Choosing furniture in a more sophisticated color scheme can also help it grow with your babies.

Bins, baskets and other storage items work wonders for containing burp cloths, socks, onesies, diapers and other small baby items. Be sure to designate a space for each necessity to avoid a jumbled up mess.

One easy way to battle space constraints? Think up. When floor space is at a premium, vertical shelving offers an abundance of extra room. Tall furniture and wall-mounted shelving are simple ways to maximize space. However, be sure to adequately anchor these pieces to the wall to avoid safety hazards.

While you want the room to look pretty, it’s also essential to think practically: as the room fills up with more and more baby belongings, you’ll be glad to have the right storage mechanisms in place.

Twice the Style

While your twins might not be able to object to matchy-matchy style now, it won’t be long before they are eager embrace their own unique sense of style. Rather than risk a redo in the short-run, prioritize individuality when designing the nursery.

Some parents choose to assign each baby a signature color. From wall palettes to gear, color-coding not only helps you keep items organized, but also gives growing kids a sense of ownership. Others choose to embrace their twins’ uniqueness by decorating in a twin theme, such as Thing #1 and Thing #2 from Dr. Seuss’s “The Cat in the Hat.”

Decorating a nursery

…But Not Twice the Gear
Keep in mind that decorating for twins doesn’t mean automatically buying two of everything. Nursery furniture like changing tables and rockers can do double-duty for twins. Since infant clothing is small and takes up little drawer space, a single dresser is usually all that’s needed.

Twins can even share a crib if space is tight. After all, they’ve been sharing a womb for nine months! In fact, many twin parents report that their babies sleep better together.

While you will eventually have to invest in beds and furniture for each child, waiting to make these major purchases saves money and space in the short-term while also allowing you to invest in more grown-up pieces down the road.

Decorating a nursery for twins can take a little extra planning, but the result can be twice the magic! If you’re a mom of multiples, share your decorating ideas and suggestions in the comments below. And remember, whether your goal is to stay up to date on pregnancy stories and ideas or you’re shopping for quality maternity exercise clothes, we’re here for you. Be sure to bookmark the blog and visit often.

A Guide to Navigating Life As a Fit Mom

Pregnancy is a time of joy, excitement, uncertainty, and change.  And, for many expecting moms, pregnancy is accompanied by an inundation of unsolicited advice from friends, acquaintances, and even strangers.   Many moms wonder how to respond to unsolicited suggestions gracefully.   Our Ambassador Lindsay Sanii gives her best advice on dealing with critics and being true to yourself.  

You Are The Sole Proprietor Of Your Mind, Body and Soul: A Guide to Navigating Life As a Fit Mom by Lindsay Sanii

“How can she be so foolish?! Doesn’t she know running during pregnancy will hurt the baby?” “Excuse me mam, you should really take it easy. Lifting weights isn’t good for pregnant women”. “Wow, doesn’t she know that drinking coffee could cause her a miscarriage?!” “What a selfish woman, putting her vanity before the baby.” “I know a man who is a doctor and he said that what you’re doing is not healthy for you or your baby.”

Are you cringing yet? Then I suspect you are a mom and you’ve been bombarded with commentary such as this at least a dozen times before.

IMG_6613No matter what you do, if you’re a woman (especially a mother), you’re doing it wrong. “It” being anything at all, of course. If you’re overweight you’re doing it wrong. If you’re thin, you’re doing it wrong. If you’re not exercising during pregnancy, you’re hurting your unborn child. If you exercise during pregnancy, you’re hurting your unborn child. If you’re a mother, you find yourself questioning every single decision you make, not because you doubt yourself, but because you know the piranhas are out there waiting to shred your ideas and practices into bits and pieces. Rather than following her maternal instincts, a mother weighs her choices against the critics’ opinions – those critics being just about everyone, from close acquaintances to complete strangers.

So what is a mother to do? I actually have an answer for this in my three simple fit mom rules to live by.

1. Do WHATEVER it is that makes YOU feel good.  

You must be brave enough to follow your gut and make your own decisions based on what you know is right, because no matter what choices you make, they will always be wrong in the eyes of someone else. Learning to hold your ground is a giant step toward living a free life.

2. Ignore the OPINIONATERS 

inspirational pregnancy adviceIf you’re always looking to do “the right thing”and win majority opinion, you will lose your SELF and be eaten up by the “opinionaters” (my term for those who will kill your spirit with their opinions if you let them).

During my first pregnancy, I maintained a fitness routine that included at least 4 days of spin classes per week, which I partnered with some light weight lifting, body weight training and stretching up until about four weeks before my daughter was born, at which point my body just told me to slow down. In exchange, I took 5+ mile walks with my husband, followed by a short series of lunges and squats, right up until delivery day. I didn’t have a single complication during my pregnancy, and I vaginally delivered a strong and healthy nine pound baby, who is today a toddler genius (if you ask her mom and dad 😉 ).

3. Listen to your body. It really knows you best. 

Given that I’m now a stay at home mom, I don’t have the luxury of running out to the gym. Therefore, I design home workouts. I log a few slow paced miles on the treadmill, and I have been on a DIY yoga crusade since the beginning of my third trimester. If you’ve seen my Instagram @shemomfit, you’ll note that I’m experimenting with new yoga poses daily. Everything from your basic downward dog to head stands and handstands. “Woa! You’re standing on your head while pregnant?! Isn’t that BAD?” Yes, I sure am. Why? Because it feels good. And according to many yogis, there are tremendous benefits to inverting during pregnancy (Yoga Rahasya volume B, p.29). Of course, like any other exercise, there is a plethora of arguments for and against this practice, which is why I make decisions not solely based on medical opinion, but maternal instinct.

inspirational pregnancy yoga pose

Yesterday I visited my OB for my 31 week checkup. My baby is growing beautifully, he’s already cozied into the correct head-down position for his grand entry, and my fluid levels are looking great. Departing words from my doc: “Keep doing whatever it is you’re doing”. Ahhh, I wish everyone was as supportive as my OB. But since the reality of our world as women, as mothers, is quite the contrary, we will just have to get comfortable making our own choices based on our own expertise – that which comes with being the sole proprietor of your own mind, body and soul.

More about Lindsay:pregnancy inspiration  Lindsay is a full-time mom with a boisterous tot in tow and a baby on the way. Her part-time passion project is inspiring moms of all shapes and sizes to meet their health and fitness goals, and to look and feel their best before and after baby. She infuses components of her background as a childhood ballerina, personal trainer, yoga enthusiast and aspiring runner to her roster of pre and post-natal workout combinations. You can read more from Lindsay at SheMomFit.

Instagram – @shemomfit 
Twitter- @shemomfit
Facebook – She-Mom-Fitness