Prenatal Tips and a Great Giveaway

We are extremely pleased to bring you a special treat today.  Our ambassador, the fabulous Desi Bartlett, is sharing her top 5 tips for fit moms looking to maintain a healthy pregnancy.   In addition to that, we are hosting a giveaway of Desi’s new Prenatal Yoga Workout DVD and $50 in For Two Fitness maternity activewear.  Enter below for your chance to win.

5 Great Tips for Pregnant Goddesses

by Desi Bartlett MS CPT Pre and Post Natal Fitness & Yoga Expert

Prenatal Yoga Expert, Desi BartlettPregnancy is a wonderful time to pamper yourself. I have noticed that there is a certain amount of guilt that many women feel when taking the time to take care of themselves (myself included), almost as though we should spend all of our time taking care of others. However it is important to give back, nourish, and replenish our own bodies in order to share ourselves with others. This is especially true during the magical time of pregnancy. Baby benefits from Mommy taking great care of herself. Here are 5 quick tips to pamper your pregnant body;

Maternity Workout by Desi Bartlett1.) Water – In addition to your own hydration needs, the placenta needs additional water. When we are properly hydrated, we are less likely to feel fatigued or fuzzy mentally. I love essentia water because it is a clean source of alkaline water that has the proper electrolytes to stave off leg cramps during pregnancy.

2.) Sleep – The first trimester can be wrought with fatigue. The 3rd trimester can bring insomnia. Try to listen to your body and allow time for naps when your body is in need of rest. You are not doing ‘nothing’when you are sleeping. You are regenerating all of the systems in your body so that you can help grow a happy, healthy human being inside of you.

3.) Snack – It is important to keep your blood sugar stable while pregnant. This means regular balanced snacks that include a little bit of protein and fat. This will help to maintain your energy levels throughout the day and prevent the feeling of crashing in the late afternoon.

Prenatal Fitness Expert, Desi Bartlett4.) Practice Yoga – As a Prenatal Yoga teacher I know the importance of moving and cultivating strength as well as flexibility throughout the pregnancy. As the Mom of 2 and a practitioner of Yoga, I can tell you that it just feels good! Breathing deeply, opening the chest, and connecting to the feeling of love for your baby

is really sweet during this time. Check out my Prenatal Yoga Workout DVD’s second workout entitled, ‘Cool Mama,’ for a nourishing, gentle flow.

5.) Laugh – Laughter is a key ingredient to happiness. Smiling, laughing, and experiencing joy is a gift to you and to your baby. Laughter helps everything in your entire body to stay healthy, so much so that there are many university studies that link disease prevention to laughter and happiness. Enjoy your body, and enjoy your pregnancy, it is an incredibly special time that deserves to be honored, and full of smiles and joy.

More about Desi: Desi is a pre and post natal health and fitness expert. She is also an ambassador for For Two Fitness, and her latest DVD, ‘Prenatal Yoga Workout,’ by Gaiam is available on

Prenatal Yoga Workout DVD with Desi BartlettNEW Prenatal Yoga Workout DVD with Desi Bartlett – Pre- and postnatal yoga and fitness expert Desi Bartlett guides you through two complete practices for prenatal health and wellness. The Strong Mama yoga workout is perfect for increasing strength and endurance; both of which are needed for pregnancy and the journey into motherhood. The Cool Mama sequence is wonderful for maintaining flexibility and connecting to a deep sense of center and tranquility. Modifications for all three trimesters are provided, as well as the opportunity to personalize your practice based on your energy level. Learn to connect to your body and your baby during this special time, in a safe and encouraging way.

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Fitness Maternity Wear: Why It Matters

Eating right, getting plenty of sleep, and taking your prenatals may be a few of the first things that come to mind when you think about must-have maternity health and safety measures. However, there are some other, lesser-known ways to ensure wellness throughout your pregnancy and beyond. One important way to stay healthy and fit as a mama-to-be and new mom? Invest in fitness maternity wear.

Why Fitness Matters During Pregnancy

An abundance of research points to the importance of exercise during pregnancy. While you may want to lay back, put up those swollen ankles, and reach for the remote, physical activity can alleviate many pregnancy-related symptoms while helping your body prepare for labor as well as for life as a busy mom.

According to the Mayo Clinic, exercise during pregnancy can help:

  • relieve back pain
  • boost energy levels and improve your mood
  • improve sleep
  • head off weight gain
  • increase muscle strength and build stamina

Physical activity during pregnancy has also been linked with lowering your risk of high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, and postpartum depression. It also has benefits for your baby.

Fitness maternity wear

Even if you haven’t exercised in a while, you can still reap the benefits of getting fit during pregnancy by starting with just 30 minutes of moderate daily walking. Most pregnant women can continue their pre-pregnancy fitness regimens, but be sure to clear it with your doctor first.

Why Fitness Maternity Clothes?

Sure, you can toss on your trusty sweats and an oversized sweatshirt to hit the gym or the hiking trails, but buying the right clothes can help keep you active, comfortable and motivated. Not to mention that your old workout clothes may become stretched as your belly grows, and are unlikely to offer the same degree of comfort since they’re not designed for pregnant bodies.

Choosing Maternity Workout Wear

When choosing maternity active wear, look for clothes that are breathable, moisture-wicking, and offer light compression support while also growing with you throughout your pregnancy. The best maternity workout clothes are not only designed to grow with you throughout your pregnancy but also, to adjust to your needs even during the “fourth trimester”, when your body is returning to pre-pregnancy shape.

Maternity workout tops come in a variety of styles and sizes designed to meet your unique preferences and needs — from long-sleeved maternity tops featuring flattering side-ruching and 4-way stretch, to breathable racerback tanks, perfect for sun salutations and downward facing dog.

Catchy slogans like “Six Pack Abs” demonstrate that while you may have temporarily lost your waistline — for the very best reason, of course — you haven’t lost your sense of humor!

The right pair of stretch maternity pants or capris, meanwhile, aren’t just perfect for exercise, but are also chic and comfy enough for everyday wear.

Fitness maternity wear

There are many things to look forward to when your baby arrives, but there are plenty of things you can start doing right now to get ready. Make sure to add “shop for maternity activewear” to your to-do list. And be sure to check out For Two Fitness’s cute, comfortable line of bump-celebrating maternity wear for fit-minded mamas to be.

Fit Mom Ambassador Spotlight: Dayna Deters

We are honored to have some amazing For Two Fitness Fit Mom Ambassadors. Keep reading to learn more about Dayna Deters in this month’s Ambassador Spotlight.

Dayna and Family. Photo Credit: Cullen Powers.

I am a loving mother of a beautiful 4 year-old girl and married to a man who fills my life with love and support.  I wake up each morning with a positive attitude and a determination to conquer each day.  In the journey of life, some of my goals have been accomplished quickly, while some took a little trial and error, but I’ve learned to stay focused and never give up. I enjoy motivating and educating people on how to live healthier lifestyles and accomplish any goal. Below is my story of how I became the woman I am today.

I had a wake-up call about 15 years ago, and with the support of others and a positive attitude, I was able to overcome that hurdle and use it to drive myself forward in my life and business through my passion to help men and women achieve their fitness goals.

My background is in Health Education and Personal Training.  I work with clients to help them rehabilitate after injury, control their weight, and train for fitness competitions and endurance events.

My personal fitness philosophy emphasizes the importance of working towards goals that are not only physical but also emotional. Being a mom, I have the same feeling as most mothers  – we feel some guilt when we take time for ourselves.  BUT,  we need to realize that taking care of ourselves will make us better mothers.

For Two Fitness Ambassador Dayna Deters.

Fit Mom Ambassador Dayna Deters. Photo Credit: James Patrick.

I have taken a special interest in the emotional health of my clients and fostering healthy mindsets, including clearing the old chatter we tells ourselves which keeps us from changing physically.  We need to combine the physical and emotional to create new positive changes.

More about Dayna: Proud owner of  Dayna Deters Determined Fitness, LLC; Bachelors of Health Education from St. Cloud State University in Minnesota;  Dayna is also an online personal trainer, a blogger, a fitness model and top ranking national fitness competitor.  She is also the creator of the Determinite Express DVD Series as well as the author of Gluten-Free Momma Fit Cookbook: Healthy Gluten-Free and Fit Living Recipes. Find out more about Dayna’s accolades, products, and services (including fitness training, nutritional guidance, and life coaching) on her website by clicking here.

Don’t forget to find Dayna on Facebook and Twitter.

Put on Your Maternity Workout Clothes and Enjoy a Fit Pregnancy

Having trouble finding the motivation to get off of the sofa and to the gym? You’re not alone: many mamas-to-be struggle with decreased energy levels, increased aches and pains, and other deterrents which can interfere with staying active. However, fitness is an important part of enjoying a healthy pregnancy. Here are some things you can do to stay motivated.

Pregnancy Loves Company

Whether you were running marathons or simply enjoyed a brisk walk on your lunch hour prior to becoming pregnant, your active lifestyle is getting your pregnancy off to a great start. Most doctors agree that women with normal pregnancies can proceed with the same fitness routines they did prior to pregnancy, although you need to check in with your physician to be sure.

However, as your pregnancy progresses you may find it harder to keep up with your pre-pregnancy workout routine. It’s not exactly a surprise: after all, you’re growing a whole other human being!

One way to stay fit while still having fun? Make exercising social. Whether you go for a walk around the neighborhood with a friend or take a Zumba class, exercising with friends, neighbors and other mamas-to-be provides terrific incentive.

Mix Things Up

Sticking to the same routine day after day can be challenging during any circumstances. Not only can burn-out cause you to check out both mentally and physically, but it can also lead to diminishing results. Instead of sticking to the same old stuff, consider cross-training.

Particularly if you enjoyed running or an alternate high-impact form of exercise before becoming pregnant, you may now struggle with continuing your usual workouts. By substituting no-impact or low-impact activities instead, you can derive all of the benefits of exercise with none of the discomfort.

Walking, Jazzercize, swimming and fitness methods are great ways to improve your cardiovascular strength and stamina while also helping to prepare your body for labor. Diverse fitness activities are also an effective way to ward off the mental drudgery of doing the same thing every day for nine straight weeks.

It’s All About the Outfit

Who doesn’t love the feeling of getting a brand new outfit and showing it off at work or out on the town the next day? The same exhilarating feeling applies to maternity clothes. Luckily, there are more options than ever when it comes to chic, sleek maternity workout clothes.

Maternity fashion is no longer about hiding your bump, but about celebrating it! Form-fitting shapes and moisture-wicking fabrics can make working out more comfortable, while stylish details just make it a whole lot more fun. Look for amazing details like shirring and adjustable belly panels which are designed to fit and flatter your changing body throughout the nine months of pregnancy and beyond.

One of our favorite ways to give your workout that little something extra? Get your slogan on. Phrases like, Body By Baby and Six Pack Abs help you keep your sense of humor …and also show it off to others.

Even the most fitness-minded mamas occasionally have trouble getting motivated. These techniques can help you rediscover the fun in fitness, while also enjoying all of the benefits that come with an active pregnancy. Do you have any tips for staying motivated when the couch is calling? If so, please share them in the comments section.

Keeping Up with the Celebrity Baby Boom

Spring is a time for renewal, and nothing highlights this more than the latest crop of celebrity pregnancy announcements. After all, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Mountbatten–Windsor (AKA “Princess Charlotte”), Silas Randall Timberlake, Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher, and James Reynolds are all going to need playdates, aren’t they? We’ve already covered the pregnancies of Zooey Deschanel, Keira Knightley, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Naya Rivera, but since that time a whole new crop of celebrities have been added to our “Bump Watch.” Let’s count down three of our favorite mamas-to-be.


Celebrity baby boom


1. Leighton Meester

Following in the footsteps of her former Gossip Girl costar Blake Lively, actress-singer Leighton Meester recently announced that she and her “adorkable,” husband Adam Brody are expecting their first child together. A devoted fan of yoga, Meester may soon join the ranks of maternity yoga loving mamas like Mila Kunis and Gwyneth Paltrow.

While Meester’s due date hasn’t yet been announced, the announcement didn’t come as a huge surprise: the starlet had previously hinted about her plans for a family. Brody, meanwhile, did more than hint: the former The O.C. star told a Reddit AMA, “I say 12. And I decide.” Unless Meester is carrying multiple multiples, that’s one down, 11 to go!

2. Kim Kardashian

It’s harder than ever to keep up with the Kardashians these days, and Kim and Kanye recently added to the media maelstrom by announcing news of their second pregnancy. First teased during the reality show’s mid-season finale, Kim — who recently told US Magazine that she’s suffering from morning sickness the second time around — enthusiastically told sister Khloe, “I just got the blood test back, and I am pregnant!”

Kim and Kanye’s pregnancy is particularly happy news as the couple has publicly struggled with infertility since the birth of baby North West, AKA “Nori.”

3. Kristin Cavallari

More than a decade since she made waves for her man-eating ways on Laguna Beach, Kristin Cavallari is doing an entirely different kind of boy chasing. With her husband Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, Cavallari is already mom to two boys, Camden and Jaxon.


Celebrity baby boom


The famously fit star told Fit Pregnancy that she loved working out during her first two pregnancies to get the blood flowing, but cautioned that pregnant women should keep in mind that returning to pre-pregnancy shape does take time. In her case, Cavallari said, it took “three months to lose the weight and five months to feel really good in my skin again.”

Will Cutler Baby #3 add a checkmark in the pink column, or is Cavallari destined to be outnumbered 4:1?

Of all the trends sweeping the celebrity world — from “waist-training” to beach selfies — perhaps none is as fun to watch as the forthcoming baby boom. Tune into the For Two Fitness blog for more fun pregnancy-related news, tips, and information. And don’t forget to check out the maternity clothing company’s complete line of chic, comfortable workout wear.

Why Eating Green Matters: The Research Is In

An abundance of research points in one clear direction: eating right, taking your vitamins, exercising, and getting plenty of sleep are all important ingredients in the formula for a healthy pregnancy. Let’s take a closer look at a few reasons why “eating green” has benefits for both mom and baby.

Eating green

Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby

The Mayo Clinic describes healthy eating as “the cornerstone of pregnancy nutrition.” What you consume is your baby’s primary source of nutrition. The smarter choices you make, the more your baby will benefit.

Whole grains, fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and low-fat dairy products add up to a well-rounded diet for mamas-to-be. Plenty of water or other fluids is also important: approximately 10 cups a day is recommended by the Institute of Medicine. Pre-natal supplements can play a vital role in ensuring you and your baby get the nutrition you need.

More Greens for Mom = Less Fussy Eaters?

In addition to promoting the growth and development of your baby, there are other benefits to making healthy food choices during pregnancy.

Many kids survive off of a steady diet of buttered noodles, chicken fingers, and Goldfish crackers. This can be frustrating for parents who end up preparing multiple meals to satisfy each member of the family. But what if your food choices during pregnancy and breastfeeding could influence your baby’s tastes and preferences as he/she grows up? Research indicates that they can and do.

One study shows that your baby’s palate develops very early — even before they take their first bite. Kids of moms who eat vegetables are more likely to prefer the taste of vegetables over sweet, fatty processed foods. The best way to make sure your baby enjoys a lifetime of healthy eating? Commit to eating a variety of nutritious healthy foods when you are pregnant and breastfeeding so your baby will quickly accept these flavors.

Less Pesticides for Mom, Better Test Scores for Baby?

Research also reinforces the importance of not only choosing fruits and vegetables, but also in avoiding pesticides, nitrates and other chemicals whenever possible.

Scientists at the Indiana University School of Medicine have linked seasons of conception with academic achievement. Specifically, babies conceived in the summer months — June, July, and August — received lower test scores in both math and language compared to their peers conceived throughout the rest of the year.

The experts believe that this may be caused by mothers’ exposure to pesticides — prevalent in much higher quantities during the summer — during these months, and passing along that exposure to their unborn babies.

The takeaway? While you may not be able to control the amount of pesticides in the air you breathe, you can control what you put into your body. Evidence indicates that eating organic foods — especially during early pregnancy’s critical window of development — can lower children’s pesticide levels.

Eating green

All moms-to-be share the same goal: getting their kids off to the best start in life. Eating right –including plenty of greens and other pesticide-free fruits and vegetables — is a beautiful beginning toward raising healthy, smarter kids.

Another important part of raising healthier kids? Exercise during pregnancy. Be sure to check out ForTwoFitness’s line of cute, comfortable maternity activewear — perfect for everything from maternity yoga to running for two — to stock up on essentials that will see you not only through pregnancy, but also through the “fourth trimester.”

The Impact of Diet and Lifestyle on Fertility

Whether you’re planning to start a family in the immediate future or are still in the “someday” phase, you may have questions about your fertility. Will you be able to conceive a child when you’re ready to start trying? Fertility is a complex issue, impacted by many different factors. Let’s take a closer looks at the issue of female fertility, along with some simple measures you can take to improve your chances of conception.

The 411 on Female Fertility

The Mayo Clinic defines female fertility as “a woman’s ability to conceive a biological child.” When is it time to question your fertility, according to Mayo? If you’ve been regularly trying to get pregnant for at least a year with no success. (If you’re past the age of 35, the cut-off is six months.) Age, as well as a number of different medical factors — related to ovulation, your uterus, the fallopian tubes, and the uterine lining — can also negatively affect your fertility.


Diet and lifestyle and fertility

Improve your chances of a positive pregnancy test by prioritizing nutrition, fitness and other healthy lifestyle practices.


Healthy Lifestyle, Improved Fertility?

While some factors related to fertility are beyond your control, certain lifestyle choices can have a direct influence on your ability to conceive. Both overweight and underweight women face fertility challenges due to hormonal issues which interfere with ovulations. Keeping within a healthy weight helps regulate ovulation and increases your chances of getting pregnant.

While researchers are still working to identify the best diet for improving fertility and conception, this much is clear: a healthy diet plays a significant role in promoting fertility. Just how important is diet? Harvard’s Nurses’ Health Study II, a peak into women’s health issues in this country, concluded that women who followed healthy diets were six times more likely to ovulate and be fertile. A healthy diet was further linked with decreasing other causes of infertility, including endometriosis.

So what foods are recommended? The 2007 book, The Fertility Diet prescribes avoiding trans-fats, limiting saturated fats, choosing whole grains, opting for vegetable proteins over animal proteins, and using fruits, veggies, beans and supplements as an iron source.

In addition to good nutrition, it’s also important to take a prenatal vitamin containing folic acid — a valuable part of ensuring your baby’s good health.

Other lifestyle factors which promote fertility include not smoking, cutting back on caffeine and alcohol, avoiding environmental toxins, preventing STDs, managing stress, and regularly seeing your physician.

Research also indicates that stress can have a negative impact on fertility, although the results remain inconclusive. Regardless, relaxation and stress management techniques are widely considered beneficial.

The Role of Exercise

The Fertility Diet also reinforces the importance of establishing a daily exercise routine, although too much exercise can reduce your body’s production of progesterone and inhibit oblations. The Mayo Clinic recommends limiting your workouts to less than seven hours a week, although check with your doctor to confirm that this is the right amount of exercise for your particular situation.

And just think: establishing a daily exercise routine will make it that much easier to suit up for that important maternity workout when you do have a baby on board.


Diet and exercise and fertility

Show your baby-to-be some extra love by adopting healthy lifestyle habits.


More than six million American women struggle with infertility every year, according to researchers at Harvard. By making healthy food choices, exercising, and adopting other healthy lifestyle behaviors, you can set yourself up for fertility success. And be sure to share this message with your fellow hopeful mamas-to-be to promote better fertility for all.

Top Six Prenatal Fitness Tips

It’s one thing to know that working out during pregnancy is good for you, but making it part of your day to day reality can be a challenge. These six tips can help you easily and safely incorporate exercise into your daily schedule as a busy mama-to-be.

1. Keep In Mind That You’re Training For Two

Some days it’s hard to find the motivation to hit the gym or the hiking trails. While it’s okay to take a break every now and then, the benefits of regular exercise can’t be dismissed.

One way to stay motivated? Remind yourself that you’re not just exercising for yourself, but for your baby, too: research shows that babies of moms who exercise have healthier hearts in utero, as well as ongoing benefits throughout life.

Prenatal fitness tips

2. Step Off the Beaten Path

Going to the gym or taking the same running circuit can get boring some days. Why not try mixing up your maternity workout by heading to a local park or playground instead? This not only offers new terrain to explore, but also gives you the chance to enjoy watching young kids at play and maybe even connect with other new and expectant moms.

3. Don’t Go It Alone

If you have a pregnant friend or two, rally them to join you in exercising. If not, check in with your local library, hospital or community center, all of which can be helpful resources in connecting you with your local community of pregnant women.

Many gyms and fitness centers also offer stretching, yoga, and other classes specifically for pregnant women. Additionally, online forums have changed the way we communicate and connect so don’t forget to check for local groups in your area.

4. Figure Out When You Feel Good

Morning sickness is a fact of life for many women, and can be a deterrent to exercise. But unlike its name, “morning” sickness can happen any time of day. Take time to identify when you’re experiencing symptoms and when you feel your best. Some pregnancy apps even let you track your symptoms! By working out when you feel good, you set yourself up for success.

5. Don’t Forget Your Upper Body

While walking, running, and other forms of cardiovascular exercise have many benefits, don’t forget about building up your upper body, as well. Strength training for your arms, back, and core can help you support your back and improve your posture. Not only that, but this strength will come in handy after your baby is born with new tasks like holding and lifting.

6. Accept Weight Gain

Many fitness-minded women mentally struggle with overcoming the natural weight gain that comes with pregnancy. According to the Mayo Clinic, a weight gain of 25 to 35 pounds is recommended for women who who begin their pregnancies at a normal weight.

Prenatal fitness tips

This number varies if you were underweight or overweight before pregnancy, and also if you’re carrying multiples, so be sure to check in with your healthcare provider to assess what’s best for you.

And remember: while exercising during pregnancy can help prevent excess weight gain, you should keep the focus on promoting optimal health for you and your baby.

If you’re still falling short on motivation or just looking for something cute to wear the next time you hit the gym, be sure to check out For Two Fitness’s line of high-performance and high-style line of pregnancy activewear.

Top 5 Maternity Must-Haves

These are not your mother’s maternity clothes. The maternity industry has changed completely over the past few decades, enabling style-seeking pregnant women to continue their love affairs with fashion. While it’s easy to go overboard when buying maternity clothes, it’s also savvy to practice restraint. Why? Because when you’re bouncing bundle of joy arrives, you’ll want funds for stocking up on all those adorable baby clothes. So what’s a fashion-forward mama-to-be to do? Create the perfect pregnancy wardrobe with these top five maternity clothing must-haves.

1. Layering Tanks

While your bump is a thing of great beauty, there are times when you’ll want to keep it covered up. Maternity tanks with a touch of stretch are perfect for layering under tees and sweaters while hugging your killer curves.

Seek out styles in a variety of bold, bright hues as layering tanks are also the perfect way to add a pop of color to any ensemble.  Our Signature Racerback Tank comes in a ton of fun, bright colors.  They’re garment dyed which gives them a richness and depth of color that you won’t find anywhere else and they’re as soft as your favorite t-shirt.

2. Slip-On Flats

At some point, your growing belly will interfere with your ability to lace up and buckle on your pre-pregnancy footwear. Not to mention that because your center of balance changes during pregnancy, stilettos and sky-high high heels can be hazardous. Ballet flats and mules offer the perfect stylish solution.


If you’re ordering online, don’t forget that your feet may grow with pregnancy so be sure to get fitted before clicking “buy” in order to ensure you get the right size.

3. Maternity Yoga Pants

You can’t live without them when you’re not pregnant, so why would you live without them now? Available in a variety of styles and lengths, yoga pants don’t just come in handy at the gym, but are also stylish enough for everyday wear. Look for features like stretch, 3-way belly panels, and moisture-wicking fabric.

This one should be on the list twice, as multiple pairs of yoga maternity pants may well be in order. You’d be even happier to have them in the days after your baby arrives.

4. The Wrap Dress

Immortalized by the legendary Diane von Furstenberg, the iconic dress is perfect for accentuating your figure and works for nearly any occasion — from the office to Sunday brunch to special occasions. And because they have adjustable ties, wrap dresses can grow with you throughout your pregnancy.

Choose a soft jersey style for extra comfort and — even better! — no ironing.

5. Maternity Boot-Cut Jeans

If you go with only one style of jeans during your pregnancy, make it a bootleg pair in a flattering, on-trend dark wash. While styles that go under the belly may work best in the early months of your pregnancy, many women find over-the-belly panel styles to be most comfortable during the final pregnancy. Or look for practical convertible styles designed to grow with you throughout your pregnancy.

These five items add up to a great starting point for the closet of an elegant expectant mom. Do you have a favorite go-to maternity clothing item? If so, please share in the Comments below. And don’t forget to check out For Two Fitness’s complete line of bump-embracing maternity activewear.

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