Four Top Workout Trends Anticipated in 2016

by For Two Fitness January 05, 2016

Whether you’re thinking about becoming pregnant or ready and waiting to welcome your new baby into the world, fitness is probably part of your plans. Will the year ahead find you cycling, swimming, running and yoga-ing your way to fitness, or will you try one of the hot new trends predicted to be all the rage in 2016?


surf board on the ocean1. Child’s Play

Kids are onto something. After all, recess — and the running, jumping, swinging, hopping, skipping and leaping that goes along with it — is the highlight of the day for most elementary schoolers. Why should we lose that liberated feeling just because we’ve rounded the corner into adulthood?

expecting mom family playing with a ball

There are several different ways to exercise like kids play. The proactive can rally a few family members or friends and head to the local park for a game of tag or pickup kickball. Less motivated types can look into fitness classes designed to replicate childhood games — described by one news outlet as “the backlash against boring exercise.”

Another reason to workout like a kid? Soon enough you’ll have a brand-new playmate to keep occupied. Are your hide-and-seek skills where they need to be?

2. Surfing

While heading to the ocean for a day at the beach sounds pretty perfect to us, it’s not always possible. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still “hang 10.” The mechanical surfboard craze is making its way to fitness studios, bringing with it the opportunity for a completely different and yet remarkable core-building exercise. Squats, jumps, and other surf-simulation movements strengthen your body while building balance skills.

3. Trampoline

Think about it: when was the last time you stopped everything and just bounced? Jumping up and down on a trampoline is one of life’s most exhilarating activities, and yet it’s an activity almost entirely reserved for kids. Until now, that is.

Also known as rebounding, trampoline fitness classes, which take place on individual mini trampolines, put participants through a series of movements aimed at building muscle tone and strengthening bones. The best part? It’s low impact so it’s perfect for all ages and abilities.

And while your doctor is unlikely to approve trampoline classes when your baby is still in your belly, wouldn’t you love to bounce your way back into shape following your baby’s birth? (On that note, if you are pregnant, be sure to talk with your doctor about your plans to start any of these or another new fitness activity.)

4. Cardio Tennis

Sure you could grab a tennis racquet and a friend and take to the courts, but the latest cardio tennis trend takes things to a whole new level. These instructor-led classes are set to music for a calorie-burning, full-body form of exercise.

tennis racquet and ball

While cardio tennis is still in its infancy compared to other forms of exercise, its popularity is predicted to skyrocket in the months ahead. You don’t have to be a Williams sister to enjoy this very social workout — it’s appropriate for people of all skill levels.

Just make sure to wear the right maternity activewear. There’s nothing worse than having to fuss with your clothing to stay comfortable during a workout.

While body weight training, HIIT, yoga, zumba, and other popular forms of fitness aren’t going away anytime soon — in fact, they each claimed a spot on the American College of Sports Medicine’s forecast of 2016 fitness trends — we can also expect to see some other new and exciting ways to workout. And while you may not be catching a wave anytime over the next nine months, wouldn’t surfing be a terrific line item on your bucket list? For more great content on the latest fitness trends, as well as discounts on your favorite maternity activewear, sign up for the For Two Fitness newsletter today.


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