Prenatal Tips and a Great Giveaway

by For Two Fitness June 30, 2015

We are extremely pleased to bring you a special treat today.  Our ambassador, the fabulous Desi Bartlett, is sharing her top 5 tips for fit moms looking to maintain a healthy pregnancy.   In addition to that, we are hosting a giveaway of Desi’s new Prenatal Yoga Workout DVD and $50 in For Two Fitness maternity activewear.  Enter below for your chance to win.

5 Great Tips for Pregnant Goddesses

by Desi Bartlett MS CPT Pre and Post Natal Fitness & Yoga Expert

Prenatal Yoga Expert, Desi BartlettPregnancy is a wonderful time to pamper yourself. I have noticed that there is a certain amount of guilt that many women feel when taking the time to take care of themselves (myself included), almost as though we should spend all of our time taking care of others. However it is important to give back, nourish, and replenish our own bodies in order to share ourselves with others. This is especially true during the magical time of pregnancy. Baby benefits from Mommy taking great care of herself. Here are 5 quick tips to pamper your pregnant body;

Maternity Workout by Desi Bartlett1.) Water – In addition to your own hydration needs, the placenta needs additional water. When we are properly hydrated, we are less likely to feel fatigued or fuzzy mentally. I love essentia water because it is a clean source of alkaline water that has the proper electrolytes to stave off leg cramps during pregnancy.

2.) Sleep – The first trimester can be wrought with fatigue. The 3rd trimester can bring insomnia. Try to listen to your body and allow time for naps when your body is in need of rest. You are not doing ‘nothing’when you are sleeping. You are regenerating all of the systems in your body so that you can help grow a happy, healthy human being inside of you.

3.) Snack – It is important to keep your blood sugar stable while pregnant. This means regular balanced snacks that include a little bit of protein and fat. This will help to maintain your energy levels throughout the day and prevent the feeling of crashing in the late afternoon.

Prenatal Fitness Expert, Desi Bartlett4.) Practice Yoga – As a Prenatal Yoga teacher I know the importance of moving and cultivating strength as well as flexibility throughout the pregnancy. As the Mom of 2 and a practitioner of Yoga, I can tell you that it just feels good! Breathing deeply, opening the chest, and connecting to the feeling of love for your baby

is really sweet during this time. Check out my Prenatal Yoga Workout DVD’s second workout entitled, ‘Cool Mama,’ for a nourishing, gentle flow.

5.) Laugh – Laughter is a key ingredient to happiness. Smiling, laughing, and experiencing joy is a gift to you and to your baby. Laughter helps everything in your entire body to stay healthy, so much so that there are many university studies that link disease prevention to laughter and happiness. Enjoy your body, and enjoy your pregnancy, it is an incredibly special time that deserves to be honored, and full of smiles and joy.

More about Desi: Desi is a pre and post natal health and fitness expert. She is also an ambassador for For Two Fitness, and her latest DVD, ‘Prenatal Yoga Workout,’ by Gaiam is available on

Prenatal Yoga Workout DVD with Desi BartlettNEW Prenatal Yoga Workout DVD with Desi Bartlett – Pre- and postnatal yoga and fitness expert Desi Bartlett guides you through two complete practices for prenatal health and wellness. The Strong Mama yoga workout is perfect for increasing strength and endurance; both of which are needed for pregnancy and the journey into motherhood. The Cool Mama sequence is wonderful for maintaining flexibility and connecting to a deep sense of center and tranquility. Modifications for all three trimesters are provided, as well as the opportunity to personalize your practice based on your energy level. Learn to connect to your body and your baby during this special time, in a safe and encouraging way.

Here’s your chance to win! Three lucky winners will receive a copy of Desi’s new Prenatal Yoga Workout DVD and a very lucky winner will also receive a $50 eGiftCard to use towards For Two Fitness maternity fitness apparel!  Enter here to win:


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