Beat the Winter Workout Blues

by For Two Fitness March 13, 2015

We are extremely pleased to bring you the latest post in our Ambassador Spotlight Series by Ashley Harris.  Ashley writes about how to beat those dreaded Winter Blues.  Spring may be right around the corner, you may be breaking out your tank tops and shorts and admiring the budding trees, but Ashley’s advice is timeless and appropriate for anytime you find yourself in a fitness rut.  Enjoy and share with your friends that could use a fitness pick-me-up!

Winter Workout Blues??? by Ashley Harris

The New Year is upon us, we hit the gym for a couple of days (IT WAS PACKED) but now there’s a funk on the horizon. Hmmm, could it be the dreaded winter workout blues? The New Year always gives us that extra push to get back in the gym but the dreaded cold tends to put a damper on our motivation to get up and get moving.

BUT WHHHHHHYYYYYY?????? (Yeah, this is what my kids ask all the time).

During the cold months exercise choices are limited and it forces many to workout indoors. If you’re an outdoor bunny and love to run for example, cabin fever can come sooner than you think. There’s a limited amount of sunshine in the winter and let’s face it, if it’s cold outside all you can think about is getting that cozy blanket and snuggling in! It’s so easy to talk yourself out of a workout but I will share with you some of my personal motivating tips that keeps me moving and grooving during the wicked winter season.

Have a set workout schedule – I personally prefer to workout in the evenings. After a long day at work it’s an excellent way for me to “end” my day. I run home, change my clothes, grab my kids and head straight to the gym. If I sit down that’s a wrap. I likely won’t get back up. So pick a time that works best for you and stick to it!

Warm up– I love the warm and toasty feeling so I will pop my workout gear in the dryer forIMG_4247 a few minutes, throw them on and that gets me all revved up to do my workout.

Switch it up – As much as I love my favorite fitness classes (Zumba®, BodyPump, BodyStep) I have to change up my routine and do something different every now and then. I love Yoga and Kickboxing so I will search to the moon and back to find a class I can just drop into every now and then. Keep it fresh!

New workout music– Everyone loves a fresh playlist! I love to jog, so having a fresh playlist works wonders for this old brain! In the winter months, I try to find an indoor track but I let the music move me!

Step away from the comfort food – I’m a vegetarian but I still love an occasional slice of cheese pizza. The problem in the winter months is it is so easy to stay indoors and constantly eat those high calorie comfort foods. MODERATION IS KEY! I pick a cheat day (ONE CHEAT DAY) and I will eat some of my favorites indulgences. Do not over do it. Remember, 3,500 calories equals 1 pound so be mindful of what you put in your body.

Download a fitness app – I LOVE a good fitness app and those who know me know I’m a gadget queen. My personal favorite fitness apps are FitBit, MyFitnessPal, MapMyFitness, and Strava. These apps keep me motivated! I’m able to enter my daily workouts to each of the apps, but did you know you can also enter your food journal to all of them (except Strava)? I love it!!!

Invest in a fitness gadget– Pedometers, calorie monitors, heart rate watch monitors all serve the same purpose. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a gadget but you do want to monitor your progress. Pedometers tell you how many steps you’ve taken daily. My goal is at least 10,000 steps daily. Do I hit my goal daily? Not always, but I certainly try :). My favorite calorie exercise gadgets are the FitBit, Garmin Vivofit, and NikeFuel Band.

Get some new workout gear– Who doesn’t love to burn calories and look good!!!!! There’s NOTHING better than a brand new pair of leggings and sneakers.

IMG_4250More About Ashley: She is a wife, mother of two boys, full-time employee, full-time student pursing a BS in Health and Wellness, and part-time fitness instructor.  She started her fitness career in 2009 and is licensed in all Zumba® formats, Kickboxing, Water Certified, R.I.P.P.E.D., TurboKick, and PiYo.  She love fitness!

Find her online:


Facebook: Zumba®Fitness With Ashley


Twitter: @ashlea1908


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