For Two Fitness Behind the Scenes: Anniversary Edition

by For Two Fitness March 30, 2014

Everyone loves a party, right?

We are so excited for our anniversary coming up next month, so we are celebrating all April long!  As the founder of For Two Fitness®, I’d like to share a personal journey with you.

When I was pregnant with my first, I had a problem, and I realized early on that I was not alone in this experience…

My belly bump was growing and outgrowing clothing too quickly, putting a hurting on my budget (wasn’t I supposed to be saving for the baby, after all?). But I had nothing to wear to the gym, and I was feeling a little less-than-motivated with my little pooch and my morning sickness.

And as the pooch got bigger, I started to have all kinds of self-doubts, when what I should have been doing was shouting with joy from the rooftops (Yay! I’m having a baby!).

I shopped around…a LOT. Everything I could wear just wasn’t real performance apparel, and none of my pre-pregnancy gym clothes fit well.  My options certainly weren’t cute or flattering.   Bummer!

for two fitness anniversary celebration

But then, my genius husband said, “why don’t we make some?”

With our own investment of a few thousand dollars and months of prototypes later, we were ready to launch! I had already had my baby.

We had an introductory line with a single item (you know it – the super popular Racerback Tank) in a single color (everyone’s favorite staple – black!), on a tiny self-designed website with no traffic and no marketing budget. We were entirely self-funded and owner-operated out of a tiny apartment in LA.  My best friend was our first paying customer.

For Two Fitness Founder, Marjorie.

Enjoying the the beach in Santa Monica, CA, where For Two Fitness was born

Today, we offer a full designer collection of high performance garments, including tanks, tees, capris, pants, shorts, jackets, and hoodies. We have tons of major media press, awesome customer praise, celebrity connections, and customers across the globe as far and wide as South Africa, Hong Kong, and New Zealand. Although we’ve grown considerably, we stay true to our family-owned values, and strive to delight every customer with our apparel and our service by bringing joy, and sharing in the celebration of creating life.

It’s been an amazing journey, and along the way, we created something unexpected – a tremendous community of talented and supportive women, all dedicated to personal health and the wellbeing of their babies! That’s why we really mean it when we say “you are dedicated to the health of your pregnancy, and we are dedicated to YOU!” You and and your inspirational emails and amazing physical achievements and blow-our-minds social media posts are the heart of our company, and the reason we keep striving and thriving.

Thank you for making us the number one maternity fitness apparel company. Please stay tuned to celebrate with us this month. We have some fabulous friends coming too – giveaway partners including KIND bars, GNC, Zensah, Baby K’tan, and Maclaren are going to party with us for an event you are not going to want to miss!

PS – this post is the first is a series of “Behind the Scenes” posts, intended to share the inner workings of our company with you – our inspiration!  Look for a post each month written by a founder or chief officer, and get a sneak peak inside scoop on all things maternity fitness and fashion design.


For Two Fitness
For Two Fitness


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