Simple Running Plan for Expecting (and Prospective!) Runners

by For Two Fitness February 05, 2014

Simple running plan

Rachel and her running buddy.

We love this simple running plan from Rachel. Rachel is an avid healthy lifestyle and fitness advocate. She is happily in love with the sport of running, and challenges herself to new adventures every day. She is the mother of two silly children and an aging black lab, wife of an awesome doting husband, and is extremely lucky to have these busy bodies in her life. Rachel enjoys cooking and baking, as well as arts and crafts. You can follow Rachel on Twitter: (@rfrutkin) or her blog:

I have been running for about four years now. I run mostly for myself, and occasionally compete in races in my area. I really enjoy running as a way to release some stress and have some much needed “me” time.

I started running postpartum with my first child. I was actually about nine months postpartum (can you even call it that, at that point?!) when I started running. I was overweight and uncomfortable, and really needed a change.

When I was 12 years old, my father suffered a heart attack. It wasn’t one of those made-for-tv-movie uber dramatic heart attacks. It was more like the “I don’t really feel well, so I’d like to go to the ER just in case something’s wrong” heart attacks. So he did. Thankfully, he knew he was having a heart attack, he had surgery and he survived.

On the road to recovery, his cardiologist put him on an exercise plan. One that, many years later, I used to kick-start my own physical fitness.

It is such a simple plan that anyone can do it. Ready for the secret?

Two minute intervals: 90 seconds of light jogging, 30 seconds of walking. Repeat for 30 minutes.

Simple running plan

Rachel at her first race.

So simple – and for the person interested in starting a fitness plan, or maintaining one throughout pregnancy, it’s quite fun as well.

I used this regimen for several weeks when I was first starting out, until one day I thought to myself, “I wonder if I can run the full two minutes, and then walk for 30 seconds?” And you know what? I did.

And then a couple days after that I thought to myself, “I wonder if I can run for five minutes without taking a break.” And you know what? I did.

And now, four years later, I run 5k’s, I run 4 miles, I run 6 miles. I run and I like it. And on the days I don’t really like it, I walk a little here and there, too.

Fast forward 3.5 years, and I used this same interval training to maintain my fitness throughout my second pregnancy. This time around, I managed to gain much less weight, I ate much, much healthier, and I was overall a lot happier. I didn’t have swollen ankles like I did the first time, I didn’t develop carpal tunnel syndrome, and I had a much faster, easier labor.

simple running plan

If you’re already a runner, this interval is perfect when you need to slow it down toward the end of your pregnancy. And if you’re postpartum (or just new to running in general), this is a great way to start off a new fitness regimen.

So simple anyone can do it. I hope you try! Enjoy!

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