Top 10 Tips to Survive the First Trimester

by For Two Fitness December 12, 2013

Tips to survive the first trimester

Hi, my name is Kathryn. I am 29 years old and currently 16 weeks pregnant with my first child. When I’m not working as a CPA, I like to read, bake, craft, and blog. I blog at I love the community of bloggers that I have found online, and have already gotten so much helpful information about pregnancy from them.  Bloggers are also a great community for support! Here are top 10 tips to survive the first trimester.

1. Eat. And eat what tastes good. If you’re like me, it was hard to find something to eat that tastes good. Or I was nauseous most of the time. I quickly learned that eating would make the nausea go away. When I found the things that didn’t upset my stomach, I stuck with them.  Pretzles, cottage cheese, apples.

2. Drink water. I would say this to anyone, but especially to a woman in her first trimester. Staying hydrated will help you feel better. Keep things moving better.  Help avoid headaches and muscle cramps.

3. Always know where your next meal is going to come from. If you are out shopping at the mall, think about where you could eat when meal time rolls around, or whenever you get hungry. Failing to plan is failing to plan.

4. Snacks. Always have snacks. This goes along with number 3. If you don’t know for sure when your next meal will be, you should have some snacks with you. Stash them in the car, your purse, desk at work. I bring 4-5 snacks to work, I never know how hungry I will be or what sounds appealing. I don’t always eat them all.

5. Sleep. I never experienced exhaustion the way I did when I was in my first trimester. The good news is, it got better. Find any way you can to get a nap in. Go to bed early. Minimize your morning routine to set your alarm clock later. For me this meant giving up my morning workout routine. Worth it for an extra hour of sleep.

6. Eat fiber. One of the things I was worried about when I got pregnant was, ahem, staying regular. I haven’t had any problems, thanks to drinking lots of water, and getting plenty of fiber. No you don’t have to eat fiber twig cereal. Instead of fruit juice, eat the fruit, lots of fiber. Eat vegetables, more fiber. An easy source for a lot of fiber is flax meal. You can incorporate it into almost anything, but I like it mixed in with oatmeal or yogurt.

7. Move. Even if it’s just a walk around your office. I always felt better if I got up and moved around. I also would feel better after going outside and getting fresh air. If you feel up to it, continue your regular exercise routine (assuming it’s ok with your Dr.

8. Don’t judge yourself. One thing I’ve realized is every woman’s pregnancy is different. Don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t get down on yourself for not eating as healthy as so and so, or gaining more or less weight than someone. No negative thoughts!

9. Make room. My first area I had to make room in was my bra! I bought at least one larger bra during the first trimester. I also began wearing my pants unbuttoned, or pulled out my “fat pants” that were at least a size bigger than my pre-pregnancy pants. And no shame, make room for baby!

10. Be ready for change. The biggest change, I’m sure, will come after the baby is born, but my body began changing almost immediately, which was kind of hard to deal with. And not just physical changes. Your tastes may change, and totally throw you for a loop. My huge sweet tooth completely disappeared in my first trimester. I also suddenly found coffee revolting.

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