Top Five Tips For Running During Pregnancy

by For Two Fitness September 23, 2013

Running during pregnancy

Have you wondered how to safely and successfully continue running during pregnancy? Read Kelly’s tips below.  Dr. Kelly McNelis lives in Pittsburgh, PA with her husband (Andy) and two young daughters (Cameran and Isla). Kelly is a psychologist, wellness coach, cookbook author, and owner of the business for moms, New Leaf Wellness. Kelly shares her passions for cooking, running, and motherhood on her New Leaf Wellness blog. You can connect with Kelly on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

I’m currently 31 weeks pregnant with my third baby and I’ve already logged more than 500 miles running during pregnancy. During my second pregnancy, I ran over 600 miles, and I’m hoping to tie or break that record this time around.

A previous blog post on For Two Fitness shared three reasons running during pregnancy can be good for you and your baby. (

Since I’m currently pregnant with my third baby, I have insight into how running during pregnancy can personally benefit me during pregnancy and postpartum.

Because of running during pregnancy, I’ve been able to:

1. Keep my weight gain within the range recommended by my midwives (20-30lbs)

2. Run around after two little ones while pregnant with Baby #3

3. Stay happy, healthy, and sane through three uncomplicated pregnancies

4. Lose my baby weight quickly and easily after my first two births

5. Get back in super-shape postpartum (twice!)

Running during pregnancy - running for two tank

Running during pregnancy also helps me feel like “me.” (Not pregnant Kelly, just plain old Kelly.)

If you want to continue running during pregnancy, here are my best tips for keeping at it.

Five Tips for Running During Pregnancy

1. Gear up

Running is a pretty cheap sport, but there are a couple of items that are worth purchasing when you’re running during pregnancy. Since it’s important to stay hydrated while pregnant, I always have a water bottle with me when I’m running. This pregnancy, I purchased a handheld water bottle to make running outside with water a bit more comfortable. I also own a maternity support belt that I wear running during pregnancy when I’ve gained about 20 pounds or so. And my newest purchase this pregnancy is a “Running for Two Tank.” It’s the most comfortable maternity workout shirt that I own. (And I’m not just saying that because I wrote this blog post for For Two Fitness!)

2. Expect change

Running slower and not as far are normal changes that happen when you’re running during pregnancy. There are other changes that you may not expect. For example, a belly button sweat stain. (I had never seen one of those before!) You may also find that you have to stop for mid-run bathroom breaks, regardless of whether you went right before the run or not. This pregnancy, I even wore through the padding on my running shoes. Everyone experiences changes running during pregnancy, but if you and your baby are happy and healthy, just keep going.

Running during pregnancy - running for two tank

3. Participate in races

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned racer or brand-new to the racing scene, participating in races while pregnant is a great way to celebrate an active pregnancy. Having a race on your calendar will help keep you motivated on days that you’re tired or tempted to skip your workout. I’ve run a total of 10 half marathons, including four while pregnant, and my pregnant races were the most fun because I wasn’t worried about time.

4. Keep a running log

It’s fun to keep track of your mileage when you’re “running for two.” Even if you didn’t keep track of your miles from the beginning of your pregnancy, it’s not too late to start. If you decide to have more babies, you’ll be able to look back and compare your experiences running during pregnancy. I use a simple app to track my mileage, but you can use a little notebook or any method that you use to keep track of training when you’re not pregnant.

5. Find a pregnant running support system

I have bonded with so many other mamas while running during pregnancy. It’s great to have at least a couple of women in your life who understand what you’re going through and support you 100%. Besides meeting women in local running groups, look online. You can connect with women who are featured on For Two Fitness’ Instagram account, chat with other running preggos on Runner’s World’s forums, or search for Facebook groups for running moms. I’d love to connect with you on my Instagram account and New Leaf Wellness Facebook Page, too.


I hope these tips give you a little added inspiration and encouragement to continue running during pregnancy.

Tell me: Have you done any running during pregnancy? If so, please share your experience in a comment below!



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