Staying Healthy Through Pregnancy by Fit Mom, Ann Titus

by For Two Fitness September 16, 2013

Read this fit mom guest post about how to stay fit during pregnancy.

Those that follow me on Turbo Teacher or Cincinnati Parent know that I am absolutely loving this new Baby Journey, as an expectant Mommy for the very first time. But there have also been many tears along the way, especially when it comes to weight gain and fitness.

I have always been cautious about what goes into my body. Many would say I have a strict diet, but for me, it is just a healthy way of life – it is (or was) my norm. I ate many salads and I loved my fruits and veggies. I have always loved a crazy, tough, sweaty, kick-A workout. I am (or was) mega-healthy.

Then along came Baby Titus, who has been with me for 25 weeks. I love this journey, I love Baby Titus, and I would not trade a single day of this amazing ride. I love all of it, especially my new Baby Bump!!! I have even decided I will probably miss my bump when it is gone!

However, I have found it difficult to love my new larger thighs, or my new more jiggle-y arms, or even my more-chubby-than-normal cheeks (I have two sets!) This part has been tough for me.

During my first trimester, I craved nothing but greasy foods. I visited fast food restaurants, which is something I rarely did pre-pregnancy. Everything I craved fell under the category of unhealthy. I used to love salads, now they sounded so unappealing. What was happening to me?

I gained weight quickly, and it did not take long for my pants to stop fitting over my thighs. The only foods that sounded appealing to me were the types of foods I used to try so hard to avoid. The doctor told me I needed to go back to my healthy eating habits. I shed many tears wondering why my body was doing this, why it only craved such yucky foods, and why I was gaining so much weight. I have always felt a sense of control over my body, but not anymore – that was gone and I was sad.

But you know what I finally realized? It is not about me anymore.

After my first trimester, my cravings subsided and I have been able to get back to my healthful eating habits, and it feels great! I am loving my fruits and veggies and enjoying salads once again. I have been able to get back to fitness and running, too!! I am hoping to sign up for a 5K soon!! My body is still changing and growing, but I have learned (after many tears) to accept, and even love, this!!

I have one job right now and that is growing a new life inside me. The most amazing little life ever.

And if this means more jiggle-y arms, or cellulite on my thighs that was not there before, then I am completely okay with that. Baby Titus needs me and maybe Baby Titus needed more fat back during my first trimester. I will proudly walk (or waddle) around with my new body, knowing that I am being the very best Mommy that I can be!!!

Teacher. Goal Setting. Success. Health. FITNESS.

And now — BABY! I am ecstatic about this new chapter in my life. I know this journey includes many changes, but it is going to be amazing!

Learn more about Ann on her blog – A Blog Dedicated to Those Trying to Make Time for Fitness

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