How To Handle the Post-Breastfeeding Phase

by For Two Fitness August 26, 2013

Rachel Wooten

Fit mom, Rachael Wooten.

We are thrilled to feature fit mom, Rachael Wooten on our site. Read what she has to say about how to handle the post-breastfeeding phase. 

I made it to two years breastfeeding with each my boys. Out of the last 6 years I have been either pregnant or breastfeeding for about 5.5 of them. My body is used to eating for two. Obviously our body needs less extra calories once the baby starts eating more real food, but extra is still a factor. Once you’re really done, how do you swing back to eating for one?

A // Plan your food. Trust me when I say this is not the “go buy a special planner and spend your entire Sunday making lists” planning. I work from home in a fulltime job, run a business and have two toddler boys. If I don’t have snacks and meals planned out then my kitchen is all fair game. This causes you to shut down in a moment of hunger and reach for the easiest thing you see around, which is usually bagged or boxed. I always grocery shop on Monday mornings based around the loose schedule for my family week. I used to buy a bunch of random ingredients I thought sounded good and would feel overwhelmed at mealtime. For dinners I preplan the layout of the week in my mind, do a quick inventory of the kitchen and buy according to the specific meals I will make. This takes the stress off me trying to come up with something at dinnertime and also saves money because nothing goes to waste. For snacks I created two baskets in our pantry that I put pre-portioned snacks in for the adults and for the kids and always keep kid-friendly fruit on the counter and in the fridge.

Rachel Wooten and her son

Rachael and her son.

B // Relearn that there are no BAD foods. No one food will make you unhealthy. But a lot of any one food will. Start to be aware of your body’s cues when you’re eating. Have you ever noticed that your kids will stop eating when they’re full, even if there is something to die for on their plate? That’s because they haven’t unlearned the skill. Diets don’t work in the long run, ever. If you want to eat that cookie, eat it. But take a self-assessment before you reach for the second one. Do you really want it or are you on autopilot? Find foods that you love so you make meals count! My newfound love is avocado. If you read any random diet book it would say that it is a no-no, but it adds so much to a meal that I’m totally satisfied at the end. In the last 3 months since I stopped nursing and really focusing on this issue alone WITHOUT DIETING…I’ve lost that last 5 pounds. Hello!

C // Find an activity you love to make up the difference. If you really are having a hard time cutting down your intake, balance it out with exercise. Until Baby is eating solids you need 500 extra calories per day while breastfeeding and it drops off as they eat more solids. You should easily be able to work in a 200-500 calories work out a few times per week if you find an activity you look forward to. If you’ve been out of it for a while like many moms, think of this as an excuse for buying cute clothes! Get yourself some flattering workout gear, including some fresh sports bras for the “new” girls, and feel good stepping out for some fresh air! I got some hot pink running shoes that make me feel so happy to put them on. My youngest just started riding a bike so I can take the boys out for a ride and run along side of them. I forget I’m exercising most of the time! I also found a great online resource filled with Pilates classes I can do right in my own home. Whenever I’ve purchased an exercise video I’ve been disappointed because it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. By signing up for the Pilates website I can pick and choose from hundreds of classes put together by level and type without leaving my home!

Rachel and her boys

Rachael staying fit with her family.

I am a lifestyle newborn photographer in Denver, Colorado. As much as I love a great newborn photo, my passion lies in making new moms feel their very best by showing them their beauty and love through photography. I blog about mommy life, take a ridiculous amount of photos that taunt me until they’re blogged and have a huge craving for style and makeup. Basically I try to add a little sparkle to everyday spent in a houseful of testosterone.

Follow Rachel on her Instagram and Twitter accounts (@rachaelwooten) and read more about she and her family on Facebook.



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