Tips for Staying Fit During Pregnancy

by For Two Fitness June 01, 2013

Worried about staying fit during pregnancy?  Many mommies-to-be are concerned about staying fit during pregnancy, and have many questions for their doctors about the safest way to stay healthy, active, and fit during pregnancy – without overdoing it!  This is a guest post by fitness expert and expectant mommy Jess Allen, MS, CSCS.  Below, she gives her expert opinion and personal experience…

When I found out I was pregnant, my first question to my doctor was, Can I still exercise…like I have been? (Note: it’s important that you consult your doctor about staying fit during pregnancy—get on the same page!)

Jess is Staying Fit During Pregnancy

Because I’m a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, I needed to exercise. My doctor was on board and encouraged me to keep at it. It likely would help me throughout the pregnancy and even in the delivery room. I’ll let you know on the latter as I’m due in early June!


I had been very active prior to pregnancy teaching HIIT (high impact interval training) classes, running, and doing CrossFit, so I wasn’t interested in slowing down right away. Plus, I had worked hard for those muscles!


Again, each woman is different depending on preexisting conditions, health risks, and exercise history. So, listening to your body is likely the best cue!

 Jess Staying Fit During Pregnancy and Looking Good

Tips for Staying Fit for Two:
1.  Keep going!
If you have been active prior to pregnancy, there is no reason to stop unless your doctor has advised otherwise. You likely will feel better, sleep more soundly, and baby will be healthier too. Now isn’t necessarily the time to try to PR or set a 1RM (one repetition maximum) in the weight room, but you certainly can keep training like you love.

2. Be a role model
By staying active, you will inspire other mommies to be to keep moving too. Plus, who wants to get shown up by a pregnant woman in the gym?! ?

3. Its not just extra weight
While it’s easy to think of pregnancy in term of pounds gained, you are growing a human being. That requires a lot of work. Your body will tire more easily, especially as you progress in your pregnancy. Be kind to yourself and know that modifications will eventually have to happen.

4. Avoid the comparison trap
Exercises that are comfortable for me, could be very uncomfortable for another. For example, I ran (jog) until 29 weeks. After that, running was simply uncomfortable, but I’ve known others who could keep running until the day they went into labor. However, strength training using intervals has felt fantastic the entire time. Squats, lunges, planks, incline push-ups, kettlebell swings, and even jump roping all felt great and made me feel even better.

5. Listen to your body
Each and every woman is different when it comes to pregnancy and exercise, so listen to your body. It will certainly let you know when enough is enough. Likewise, if you feel comfortable and can exercise and talk, keep moving mama!

Staying Fit During Pregnancy for a Cute Baby Bump

For a list of prenatal workouts Jess has been doing, visit her at Blonde Ponytail.

Jess Allen is an expecting mommy, an NSCA-CSCS trainer and author of Blonde Ponytail, where dynamic workouts and healthy recipes are shared along with life in between the workouts. Jess resides in Omaha, NE where her husband coaches baseball at Creighton University. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. For workouts, visit her YouTube channel.



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