A Hiker’s Guide to Motherhood: Fitness in Poetry by Hollie Reina

by For Two Fitness October 30, 2011

We are always glad to feature Hollie Reina – you’ve met her here many times before.  Thanks for continuing to keep us up to date, Hollie! Your beautiful poem brought a few tears to our eyes…


A little poetry…

Over the weekend I celebrated my 33rd birthday. It was a good day filled with family and friends but not really a milestone as far as birthday’s are concerned.

Before my 30th birthday I was very much like Phoebe from the popular television show ‘Friends.’ I had a large bucket list of things I wanted to accomplish before I reached that momentous mark. One of which was to have all the children that I planned to have. My youngest son was born two months before I turned 30…Mission accomplished! Or so I thought.

Fast forward three years and I brought in my 33rd five months pregnant with my third child. Ooops!

One of the ways I wanted to celebrate my special day was on a hike with my family. Not really a fitness minded hike but invigorating for the body and soul nonetheless. The hike made me think of a poem I wrote for a fellow hiking guide when she was about to become a mother. It seemed appropriate to share it now. Like most exercise regimens you can draw great parallels to life if you look for them. This poem is about hiking but you can substitute your favorite sport or atheletic endeavor and still come out on top.

A Hiker’s Guide to Motherhood
By: Hollie Reina

At the trailhead you’ll find that you’re starting off blind
and the path looks rocky and hard.
Many people will say how to start on your way
and they’ll tell you how long and how far.

You might not want to go and you’ll step out real slow
thinking why did I do this and how?
Just remember your feet and that baby so sweet
and the joy that you’re feeling right now.

You will climb many hills and take many spills
and you’ll feel like you’ve been left behind.
You’ll get slogged down in sand and not want to stand
and ask how much is left of this grind?

But life is a thrill as you crest each new hill
and the view before you is grand!
The further you go the more that you’ll grow
and you’ll see it in one tiny hand.

At times it is tough and most certainly rough
but you’ll find strength where you least thought you would.
Now get on your way there is no more delay
on the hike that is called motherhood.


Be sure to follow Hollie on Twitter @hikingholsford!


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