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What Customers Are Saying

Way more flattering than just sizing up my regular stuff, and even better than the major maternity retailers -  it was worth a few dollars more to look and feel a million times better.  

- Kathleen R. -

Just wanted to drop a line and say how much I miss running in my Running For Two® tank. It was super comfy, extremely lightweight, and long enough that it grew with my belly and stayed put! Thanks for making such an awesome product. I've said it before and I'll say it again: please make non-maternity workout wear! 

- Rachel from -

I have been living in my For Two Fitness capris. Not only are they super comfortable, they stay in place during strength training and cardio workouts! I actually find myself washing them a couple times a week because they are my go to pants! 

- Renita from -

“I loved wearing my "Body By Baby" tank during my postnatal recovery.  Not only was it super soft, comfortable and flattering on my deflating baby bump, but it was a perfect way to let people know that I'd just had a baby.  I only wish I'd found For Two Fitness sooner.”

- Sara Haley, Fitness Celebrity -

Being in the fitness industry for more than 15 years means I've tried many different tanks and workout pants. Fitness for Two workout pants are my absolute favorites! I may beg them to make a line for non- pregnant women! They are soft, comfortable, flattering, stay cool and dry through my workouts! My Running for Two® tank makes me happy and motivated to log my pregnancy miles!

- Tricia Kirkwood, founder of SunshineFIT -

“Now I can’t use the excuse I have nothing to wear to yoga!  Adorable! 

- Emma Heming-Willis, Supermodel -

"I wasn't sure how I would feel about the 3 way belly panel but I love it!  I love having the option to fold it over or wear it over my belly for a little extra support."

- Leslie Brinkley, via -

“You have the BEST customer service! I already loved my "Sweating for Two" tank but the quick and friendly response when ordering my "Yoga for Two" has made my For Two experience that much better. I always get smiles and compliments when I wear my For Two racerback and it feels wonderful.

- Christina C. -
"The design of the tank itself is so flattering to a burgeoning belly.  The ruching on the sides keeps the tank in place...and the generous extra length means there's plenty of fabric to cover it all."
- Sarah Canney, via -

“Thanks so much for sending For Two Fitness products my way!  I’m in love with my new pants and top.  They are so comfy!!”

- Sarah Drew, Grey’s Anatomy Star -

“Thank you so much! These are VERY comfortable!  I LOVED mine!"

- Ali Landry, Actress -

"I love it! It hugs in all the right places and is so soft. Wearing it has been like an instant conversation starter. I wasn't going to purchase another one in my third trimester,  but I'm looking for anything that gives me motivation and confidence, and your workout gear does just that. I can't wait to get my next tank!"

- Christie V., via email -

"Awesome for the whole 13.1 - it doesn't ride up at all, which meant NO adjusting mid-race=happy runner"

- Sarah C. -

"I can personally attest to how cute and comfy For Two gear is...check out my pic of me rocking my own outfit!"

- Josie Maran, Supermodel via her blog -

"If you're active and pregnant, you want For Two Fitness maternity clothes!  Their clever slogans – Running for Two® being my favorite  – take the questioning out of the equation (a huge plus for me during those awkward “is she, isn’t she” pregnancy moments).  But slogans aside, the racerback tank performed better than I expected"

- Melody Jones, via -

"I wasn't going to order anymore because I was in my 2nd trimester, but these shirts will give you the motivation you need to contiue to have a fit pregnancy! I ended up getting another and have been so happy with my decision! I get so many compliments, and they are sooo comfortable!"

- Jody T, via Facebook -

These pants are awesome!   They stayed perfectly in place for several recent Crossfit WOD's.  I'm definitely going to have to purchase more!   They are a bit pricey, but not when you compare them to normal, well made workout capris. 

- Mary B. -

"I am in love with my Running for Two® tank, but I am nearing the end of my pregnancy. Do you make  non-maternity? I have literally never been happier with workout apparel...

- Rachel F. via email -

I'm serious about my fitness, so I need real workout clothes.  Thanks for making such great products at a reasonable price.   Pregnancy is only 9 months, but your clothes lasted me through two pregnancies (and postpartum) - totally worth it!  

- Susan S. -

“The tank I have from them is amazing, the way it expands and helps hold my tummy is perfect! I went to some maternity stores today and out of habit looked at the workout gear, and For Two’s clothes were more affordable and way more stylish. I think you could wear this even before you start showing.”

- Beth Revell, Professional MMA Fighter -

“These shirts are incredible! Not only do they feel good but they hug you in all the right places and are long enough that you can wear them throughout your entire pregnancy. I have three of these shirts and plan to buy a whole bunch more. I can't tell you how many compliments I've received! What a great concept and a fantastic product!”

- Marni C., Owner, Pure Barre -

I do cardio and lift 5 days a week and find myself washing my one tank from you over and over so I can wear it on most days.  Finally ordered a couple more today. I get so many compliments on the fit. People at the gym always comment on me working out and they ask where I got my cute tank!"

- Janet B. -

“It is so hard to find cute and comfortable tops when you are an active mom-to-be. Everything out there is so unattractive. These tops are so cute, so comfortable, and they easily grow with you for your whole pregnancy.”

- Rayna D, Pace Leader for LA Road Runners -

“Just wanted to let you know again how much i love your tanks! not only are they super stylish and fit well, but they're also very functional. i taught a super sweaty zumba class last week and was blown away by how perfect the fabric was for an intense workout. i already have two tanks but i might need to order another one...”

- Gina Harney, -

“I absolutely love my For Two Fitness "Running for Two" tank top! Love, love, love! As an avid runner and cyclist (and now 27 weeks pregnant), I wear my tank all the time. I really had no idea how big I would get (I was so naive) :) and the ruching on the sides of the tank has allowed the shirt to "grow with me". I find the material perfectly comfortable and have even been running some of my last races in it (making for super cute post-race photo ops, if I do say so myself.)”

- Katie Key via -

“The shirts are wonderful! Totally comfortable and supportive. The pants are amazing too, I plan to live in these for the rest of my pregnancy! I use them to run 3 miles each morning, and to do yoga 3 times per week. These are great for sweating, running errands, and cute enough I bet I can get away with wearing them to work!”

- Mary-Katherine B. -

“I LOVE these tanks!! I am a marathon runner and I weight train and trying to find ANY decent workout clothes while pregnant is impossible. I am a fit woman and want to look cute while pregnant…I just wore the “Running For Two” tank 2 weeks ago at the Malibu, CA 1/2 marathon and it performed like any expensive running shirt I have bought in the past. These tanks are worth every penny!!"

- Via -

“Best maternity fitness tops ever!! I ordered 2 tanks and 2 long sleeve tees. The tanks are super comfy and flattering and I get tons of compliments on them, everyone comments on the 'running for two'. The long sleeved tees are perfect for cooler weather runs and great for casual wear as well. Thanks for making such a great product:).”

- Kristen R. -

“I love my tank! It is so cute! I wore it for the first time last week to teach my Cycling Class and that is how I announced to everyone that I was "spinning for two" instead of just me! It was such a fun way to announce our pregnancy!!”

- Jamie A. -

“First, I got my shirts the day after I ordered.  No special shipping or anything, just really fast service.  I was so excited. Second, I freaking LOVE them. They provide a lot of good belly support without being binding and the fabric is great quality.”

- Jennifer A. -

“At 18-wks pregnant this has been my favorite running tank. The fit is wonderful and flattering. I ran a 1/2 marathon in one of them and received many, many compliments on it. The customer service has been wonderful and beyond any that I have dealt with in the past--very attentive and concerned about the customers.”

- Danielle C. -

“These tanks are amazing!! I would wear them even if I wasn't pregnant. They fit great and don't ride up, which is always a plus especially in yoga class. They are worth every penny and I am definitely planning on ordering some more! I cannot wait to wear my "running for two" tank in an upcoming half-marathon!!”

- Jessica T. -

“Just wanted to let you know how much I LOVED wearing my black “running for two” tank during my half marathon. I am 6 months pregnant, and got tons of compliments on my tank from volunteers throughout my 13.1 mi. run. I've also purchased the “hot mama” tank in surf and “we need a nap” tank in berry. I ALWAYS get complimented when I wear any of them!”

- Liz B. -
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