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About Us

Mission Statement

Welcome to The Motherhood. That's our family here at For Two Fitness. Our desire is to serve and celebrate all Moms and create mindful consumers with thoughtfully designed, fun and stylish pregnancy activewear that truly performs through your toughest workouts or just running around. Why? Creating mindful consumers with our quality eco-friendly, sustainable fabric choices and our commitment to ethical production delights us. We care deeply about the health of mother & baby and wellness of all humans, animals and planet.  So we are NOT fast fashion but slow quality fashion, apparel that can be worn through all 9 months and beyond.  Then worn again for another pregnancy or proudly handed-down to sister or friend. There are lots of imitators, definitely lesser quality, but we are the original and only "For Two Fitness" (we don't license our trademarks to any third parties, so make sure your "For Two" apparel is authentic!)  We are founded by parents (you know we mean Mothers because everyone knows Mothers Run the World), and proudly made in America.  Discover for yourself why moms (of all shapes, sizes, color and orientation), athletes and celebrities love For Two Fitness® maternity activewear apparel.