Ann Taylor loft maternity Los Angeles

Ann Taylor loft maternity Los Angeles

How to dress for exercise during pregnancy?

For its many benefits, playing sports at the beginning of pregnancy is a recommendation that no one doubts. Ann Taylor loft maternity Los Angeles.

Regular exercise helps the body cope with the development of pregnancy, labor and subsequent recovery.

The type of training will depend on each one, according to their physical form, their tastes or their possibilities. Each woman will be able to choose which one or which she wishes to practice among a long list of recommended sports in pregnancy.

However, sometimes an aspect that is not secondary is less important: sportswear. If, despite the fact that the offer in premom clothes is increasingly wider, sometimes it is difficult to find what is most favorable or more comfortable in pregnancy, when it comes to looking for specific clothes for pregnant sports, the mission can become impossible Ann Taylor Loft maternity Los Angeles.


-During the first quarter

At the beginning you may not see it necessary to change your usual sports attire. Although the body begins to change from the first day, during the first weeks your silhouette, in general, will hardly change.

Perhaps the chest is the most affected part at this time because it will begin to grow almost from the beginning. The sudden increase in volume, which makes them heavier, coupled with the impact of exercise, can cause them to fall and spoil. If we add to this the discomfort that these changes in the breasts usually cause, wearing a proper bra is essential to maintain a beautiful breast and avoid pain when developing physical activities. Ann Taylor loft maternity Los Angeles.


- Starting in the second quarter

As the days go by one goes widening and the body, irremediably, is transforming. Probably from the third or fourth month the waist will have already begun to disappear. From this moment you will need more comfortable clothes that adapt to the change and do not tighten in the area of ​​the waist or belly.

At this stage you have to make sure to wear clothes that hold your belly and chest well. If you do not want to invest a lot of money in clothes specially designed for this period you can use very elastic or big shirts and sweatpants, long or short, wide and loose and buy an adaptable support belt, which will be very useful for cardiovascular exercise. Ann Taylor loft maternity Los Angeles.

The sneakers must be breathable and provide a good balance.

Before purchasing sportswear for pregnancy, keep in mind that...

You can increase one shoe size. The foot in pregnancy tends to swell or retain fluid, even grows a few millimeters, which will make you need one or two sizes.

You have more risk of falling and injuring yourself. This is because during pregnancy the ligaments of the joints become more elastic to prepare for delivery. For this reason, the correct use of footwear is more important than ever. Ann Taylor loft maternity Los Angeles.

You will feel more heat. The action of hormones, along with weight gain, the development of the fetus and many other factors cause more heat to occur when you are pregnant. Usually these hot flashes occur in the second and third trimesters. So it's normal for you to experience more heat while exercising. The best solution, in addition to using light and breathable garments, is to wear several layers of clothing that can be detached depending on the temperature you feel.

You are more prone to sunburn. In pregnancy, the skin is more vulnerable to solar radiation and more prone to burning. If you exercise outdoors, apply sunscreen and put on garments that block the sun's rays, to avoid the appearance of spots.

Your gut grows throughout the day. The abdominal area, although you are a few weeks, usually swells as the hour's pass. You will be surprised to see how what in the morning was a flat stomach, in the evening is a prominent belly. Ann Taylor loft maternity Los Angeles.

4 tips for safe physical exercise in pregnancy

Regular physical exercise is one of the keys to a healthy pregnancy. Whenever done correctly, physical activity in pregnant women is important for optimal pregnancy and for the body to arrive at the time of giving birth in the best health conditions.

There are some sports that you should avoid during pregnancy, but within the physical activities allowed, it is worth taking some precautions. We give you some tips for safe physical exercise during pregnancy. Ann Taylor loft maternity Los Angeles.





# 4 Take care of the balance

As the belly grows during pregnancy, the center of gravity of your body changes and you should be more careful with your balance. That is why there are activities that should be discarded directly (like skiing or skating).

As for riding a bicycle: if you have the habit of doing it, you can continue as long as you feel comfortable and safe. Another fact is that, when you get up from sitting or lying down while exercising, you should do it slowly and gradually to avoid getting dizzy. Ann Taylor loft maternity Los Angeles.


# 3 Take care of the temperatures

Whatever physical activity you choose, it is important to take care that your body temperature does not rise. Be careful not to overheat, do not forget to hydrate and on days of excessive heat or humidity it will be preferable not to exercise.

Another aspect to keep in mind regarding temperatures is when swimming: the temperature of the water should not exceed 32, so hot springs and hot pools are not recommended. Most recreational pools have a lower temperature and are safe. Ann Taylor loft maternity Los Angeles.


# 2 Take care of the postures

The twists in the upper body, the upturned postures and the reclining on the back are postures that must be avoided during pregnancy. Being lying on your back for a long time can cause the weight of the uterus to press on the vena cava, obstructing blood flow and incurring a risk of lack of oxygenation for you and the baby.

These aspects should be taken into account if you practice stretching or yoga. This discipline is very beneficial in pregnancy, but it is best to attend a yoga center specializing in pregnant moms so you can be sure that you have the guidance and care of a professional prepared to work with pregnant women. Ann Taylor loft maternity Los Angeles.



# 1 Take care of your diet and hydration

In addition to the essential care you should have regarding this in pregnancy, it is important that you do not forget to drink enough water when you exercise, as well as replenish calories needed after doing physical activity. Remember that pregnancy is not the time to lose weight or burn calories. Ann Taylor loft maternity Los Angeles.



Exercise routines to keep you fit during pregnancy

We tell you several exercises proposals that will help you to be in shape during pregnancy. If this happens with total normality, you can choose between several different activities to do and thus arrive in form until the last month. Doing so will greatly facilitate postpartum recovery. Ann Taylor loft maternity Los Angeles.


When you have never exercised

If you are a first-time pregnant woman in terms of physical activities, do not worry, this is also a good time to start! The reasons are several, but to tell you some:

The fact that you are dynamic and active during pregnancy will ensure that you have good blood circulation.

It will also help you reduce the risk of having gestational diabetes and having high blood pressure.

You will strengthen the pelvic muscles and prevent back pain, among other things that can happen when you have a sedentary pregnancy. Ann Taylor loft maternity Los Angeles.


Exercises during the first trimester of pregnancy

Maybe it's when you least want to exercise; It is understandable, there are many changes through which the body passes and between nausea, fatigue and dizziness is difficult to start. You can start walking for a minimum of 30 minutes each day; As you advance in time you can increase the pace and number of minutes. Try to have comfortable shoes to do it.

If you already practiced physical activity before getting pregnant, you can continue with the same routine. Ask your doctor and coach to inform you about it.

An extremely satisfying activity that you can do throughout pregnancy is to practice swimming. In many pools there are special programs for pregnant women that will also help you expand your social circle to share your experience and status. Ann Taylor loft maternity Los Angeles.



Exercises for the second trimester of pregnancy

It is the best time to exercise, of the three trimesters it is usually in this one when pregnant women feel more active, energetic and with desires to do many things. Take advantage and sign up for everything you want to do, always consulting with your doctor first. Ann Taylor loft maternity Los Angeles.

The following are some suggestions for exercises for the second trimester of pregnancy:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Aquafitness
  • Gym for pregnant women




Physical activity during the third trimester of pregnancy

In a way, it's like going back to the first quarter. In this period although you no longer have nausea, you feel more heavy and tired and you do not feel like moving so much anymore. It is important that you listen to your body and do what you feel so as not to overstress. Ann Taylor loft maternity Los Angeles.

Pilates workout routine to do at home

This is one of the disciplines most practiced today by pregnant women; therefore we leave you some exercises that you can do at home to complement, for example, with your daily walks. Ann Taylor loft maternity Los Angeles.


You will need to:

  • 1 pillow.
  • 1 towel, gymnastic elastic or jump rope (it is used to have more balance but you can also do the exercises without accessories).
  • 1 mat or blanket to do the exercises on it.

Working the chest and shoulders

Exercise routines to keep you fit during pregnancy 4 Sitting on the floor, cross your legs (You can also do it standing up). Roll the towel along and take one end with each hand, lift them up from your head and back, then lower to chest level. Every time you bring your arms up and back exhale. Repeat the exercise 5 times. Ann Taylor loft maternity Los Angeles.


Working waist, obliques and dorsal

exercise routines to keep fit during pregnancy 5Acommend yourself as in the previous exercise, only now you must take the arms that are raised above your head to the right side of your body and then to the left of it to work the obliques. Do 5 repetitions to one side and to the other, resting in the center between one and the other. Ann Taylor loft maternity Los Angeles.


Correct posture, upper back work and core muscles

exercise routines to keep you fit during pregnancy 6 Sit on the floor with your legs open in line, raise your arms to chest height and extend your pelvis forward while you feel your spine curving. Now take an inhalation and extend your spine while you raise your arms towards the sky and hit them to your ears, finally bring your shoulder blades down. You can rest with your arms on the floor. Start again and do 5 repetitions. Ann Taylor loft maternity Los Angeles.



Working hips, thighs and spine

Exercise routines to keep you fit during pregnancy 7This exercise for pregnant women also helps strengthen the legs and buttocks. Place the pillow on the floor and lie on one side of your body while you extend the arm in which you will rest your ear at the height of the biceps. Your legs should be flexed in front of you and you should lift one (always with your knee flexed). Do it between 10 and 25 times and then on the other side. Ann Taylor loft maternity Los Angeles.