Cute maternity capris Los Angeles

Cute maternity capris Los Angeles

Exercise routines to keep you fit during pregnancy

We tell you several exercises proposals that will help you to be in shape during pregnancy. If this happens with total normality, you can choose between several different activities to do and thus arrive in form until the last month. Doing so will greatly facilitate postpartum recovery. Cute maternity capris in Los Angeles.

When you have never exercised

If you are a first-time pregnant woman in terms of physical activities, do not worry, this is also a good time to start! The reasons are several, but to tell you some:

The fact that you are dynamic and active during pregnancy will ensure that you have good blood circulation. Cute maternity capris Los Angeles.

It will also help you reduce the risk of having gestational diabetes and having high blood pressure. Cute maternity capris Los Angeles.

You will strengthen the pelvic muscles and prevent back pain, among other things that can happen when you have a sedentary pregnancy. Cute maternity capris Los Angeles.


Exercises during the first trimester of pregnancy

Maybe it's when you least want to exercise; It is understandable, there are many changes through which the body passes and between nausea, fatigue and dizziness is difficult to start. You can start walking for a minimum of 30 minutes each day; As you advance in time you can increase the pace and number of minutes. Try to have comfortable shoes to do it. Cute maternity capris Los Angeles.

If you already practiced physical activity before getting pregnant, you can continue with the same routine. Ask your doctor and coach to inform you about it. Cute maternity capris Los Angeles.

An extremely satisfying activity that you can do throughout pregnancy is to practice swimming. In many pools there are special programs for pregnant women that will also help you expand your social circle to share your experience and status. Cute maternity capris Los Angeles.


Working waist, obliques and dorsal

exercise routines to keep fit during pregnancy 5Acommend yourself as in the previous exercise, only now you must take the arms that are raised above your head to the right side of your body and then to the left of it to work the obliques. Do 5 repetitions to one side and to the other, resting in the center between one and the other. Cute maternity capris Los Angeles.


Correct posture, upper back work and core muscles

exercise routines to keep you fit during pregnancy 6 Sit on the floor with your legs open in line, raise your arms to chest height and extend your pelvis forward while you feel your spine curving. Now take an inhalation and extend your spine while you raise your arms towards the sky and hit them to your ears, finally bring your shoulder blades down. You can rest with your arms on the floor. Start again and do 5 repetitions. Cute maternity capris Los Angeles.

Working hips, thighs and spine

Exercise routines to keep you fit during pregnancy 7This exercise for pregnant women also helps strengthen the legs and buttocks. Place the pillow on the floor and lie on one side of your body while you extend the arm in which you will rest your ear at the height of the biceps. Your legs should be flexed in front of you and you should lift one (always with your knee flexed). Do it between 10 and 25 times and then on the other side. Cute maternity capris Los Angeles.


Tips to take care of you during pregnancy

A permanent channel of communication is established between the woman and the baby that grows within her. Everything that the mother does affects the fetus: if she practices exercise, it improves her oxygenation; if it eats well, it favors its development; if it rests and seeks tranquility, it provides well-being. They are good reasons to take care of yourself. Cute maternity capris Los Angeles.


  1. Get free time

We must reserve a time each day to perform a pleasant activity: have a coffee with a friend, go to the movies, read our favorite authors, go shopping or enjoy a relaxing walk in the park. This time will be something like the icing on the cake. It is essential that, throughout the day, there is a balance between the phases of activity and those of rest. Cute maternity capris Los Angeles.


  1. Get up, a pleasure

Why jump out of bed at the first ring of the alarm clock? It is preferable to stretch with desire, as do cats, before getting up. Cute maternity capris Los Angeles.

This stretching will make us feel better and put the circulatory system on track. For the sake of the abdominal muscles, you have to lie on your side before getting up. Once we have put our feet on the ground, let's raise our arms and let's say hello to the day with a smile. Now we are ready to start the day. Cute maternity capris Los Angeles.


  1. Freedom for the feet

Take a walk on soft ground, such as a dirt path or the beach; unload your feet and back. It is essential to wear comfortable shoes without heels, and walk in good posture: upright and with the gut stuck to counteract the curvature of the back. Cute maternity capris Los Angeles.

If before going to bed we apply warm sesame oil on the feet (two tablespoons are heated to the water bath), we give ourselves a good massage and we put on some socks, we will sleep soundly. Cute maternity capris Los Angeles.


  1. Goodbye to bad mood

Small anger can evaporate after repeating the following exercise ten times:

Stand with your feet apart and aligned with your shoulders, and your knees slightly bent. Cute maternity capris Los Angeles.

We keep the spine straight, the muscles relaxed, we drop the shoulders and join the palms of the hands to the height of the chest. Cute maternity capris Los Angeles.

Next we press the pulpejos (the part of the palm where the thumb comes out) against each other, counting to ten, and relax. Cute maternity capris Los Angeles.


  1. Relaxed cervical

Sit on the edge of a chair, with your back straight and your neck stretched. Cute maternity capris Los Angeles.

Lower your chin to your chest while lifting your shoulders to the fullest. Cute maternity capris Los Angeles.

Then they are lowered by rotating movements and throwing them backward. We must try to approach the shoulder blades as much as possible, as if they were going to touch. Cute maternity capris Los Angeles.

It is advisable to repeat the exercise at least ten times. The cervical will look like new! Cute maternity capris Los Angeles.


  1. The pleasure of a good bath

Nothing better to take care of us during pregnancy than to give us a good relaxing bath from time to time. We fill the bathtub with not very hot water, we throw about 15 drops of incense or myrrh essence, we submerge ... and we will soon feel its renewing effects.

Stimulating fragrances will also help you regain strength. You have to take two or three drops of citrus essence on an aromatic stone, settle into a comfortable chair, close your eyes and breathe in the smell of the stone.

The essence of citrus is relaxing and stimulating at the same time, therefore, it is perfect to activate our energy in a very short time when we only have a free time. Do not change the aroma without consulting a specialist because not all ether oils are appropriate during pregnancy. Cute maternity capris Los Angeles.


  1. That others work

If the couple, parents or friends want to lend a hand to our tasks, we accept willingly.

And if they do not fall into the account, do not hesitate to ask. It is convenient to get used to doing it, because when the baby has arrived, all collaboration will be little. Cute maternity capris Los Angeles.


  1. Nuts and comforting drinks

To regain strength there is nothing better than nuts. They can be eaten at any time, and the peeled ones are easy to transport because they fit in any pocket. They provide zinc and magnesium, two nutrients that stimulate gray cells. But do not miss it: about 40 grams a day is enough, because they are also very rich in fat.

A comforting drink. If it's cold, there's nothing more stimulating than having a hot drink. When a baby is expected, it is not advisable to abuse tea or coffee (no more than three soft coffees, four teas a day), or to drink herbal teas that have not been recommended by the doctor. A glass of milk with honey (ideal before going to sleep) or a pennyroyal will give us energy and hydrate us. Cute maternity capris Los Angeles.


  1. Out of stress!

During a short break we can do the following exercise:

We lie on the floor face up (while it is still comfortable to do so) in front of an empty wall.

Little by little we get closer to the wall, and we raise the stretched legs, until they form a right angle with the wall.

Next, we open our legs to the sides as much as possible, without forcing.

Place your hands on the sides, where you will notice the occasional pull (unimportant) by the posture.

Oxygen-laden can also help reduce stress. We breathe deeply, consciously, as if we were going to send oxygen to the last corner of the body. We expel the air slowly, taking more or less twice as long to breathe as to inspire. The future baby will thank us and our mind too. Cute maternity capris Los Angeles.


  1. A good massage

If we are one of those people who go around and around the problems, a cranial massage will come as a ring to the finger. We can give it to ourselves.

We put our hands on the head as if we were going to wash our hair, but, instead of rubbing the scalp, we beat the head rhythmically and gently with the fingertips, as if between the hands we had a delicate drum.

We go from top to bottom, and from front to back, covering the whole head little by little. This drumming stimulates the scalp and nerve pathways and, incidentally, helps to free us from negative thoughts and emotions.

It is advised to do it about 40 times.

The message that our partner gives us will also make us feel extremely well. It is easy to understand: on the surface of the skin are the receptors of endorphins, the so-called hormones of happiness. In addition, it is proven that gently massages and caresses benefit health. They relax and stimulate the circulatory system and the lymphatic system. Just be careful with the spine: it should be for professionals. Cute maternity capris in Los Angeles.